I thought yesterday’s list worked so well (y’know, what with the dozens of comments and rushing hoardes of page views) that it’s time for another one.


This is me:



So if you can’t handle some phlegm in your eggnog, click away now.


BP* THE FIRST:  I have had not one, not two, but three baking fails this week.  I have no idea what my problem is, other than “I suck”.


BP THE SECOND:  Who decided that Christmas is the time to be social?  Why can’t Christmas be the time to hole up inside and knit?


BP THE THIRD:  I am so sick of shit.


BP THE FOURTH:  And also, who decided that the semester should end over Christmas break?  Which means that the only caroling in our house is Jeff quietly singing law-related mnemonic devices under his breath.


BP THE FIFTH:  ::beleaguered sigh::


I just want to give the gifts I’ve thoughtfully made and purchased, and receive nice notes of gratitude in response.  And that will be that, and then it will be January and all the chocolate will be on sale and I’ll be 11 months away from the next go-round of this crap.


*”Bitching Point”


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