A Word of Warning

What I am about to show you is in *no way* exaggerated for humorous effect.  Or any effect.  This is 100%, absolutely, completely legit.


This, my friends, is a visible symptom of the disease called “DEADLINE KNITTING”.



Yes, that’s our dirty laundry pile.  Two people, four weeks.


Four.  Weeks.


See?  Full hamper…waaaaay back there.


This is what happens when my evenings and weekends are devoted to a {_____} for {____}. and that {____} for {____}, and {_____}’s {______}, and all the other things I may or may not have been knitting since before Thanksiving.



I finally cracked yesterday, when Jeff was forced to leave the house wearing a bleach-stained hoodie and holey jeans that floated 3″ above his ankles.


I mean, I’m good for another month at least.  I could last ’till the new year.  (Well, maybe if Santa brings a few pairs of underwear – Victoria’s Secret 100% cotton thong, size medium please)


But I won’t make Jeff suffer.


In an effort to redeem myself in your eyes, I must append that so far this morning I’ve started two loads of laundry, baked bread, vacuumed, and given the dog a bath (she currently looks like a soggy, large-tongued reindeer).


It’s 9:31am and I haven’t knitted a stitch.*




**Though I do still need to finish the {___} for {_____} that I’ve been working on all week, and I’ve decided – last minute of course – to make a {____} for {____}. so I’ve gotta get going on that, too…


5 responses to “A Word of Warning

  1. You have too many clothes.

  2. How many outfits do you own and where do you keep them all? I can make it barely 2 weeks if I don’t wear jeans everyday.

  3. And why can’t Jeff help out with the laundry?
    or the vacuuming?

  4. I am in the exact. same. place. This is what happens when the end of the semester and the holidays collide.

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