Goggie Birfdai

Guess who just turned three, and got one plain McDonald’s hamburger?


My widdwe goggie’s all growned up!



We likes hamburgers!  Nom nom yes we does.


“Mama don’t make me dance for it!  Just give me the whole thing!”


“Now that’s more like it.”


Happy birthday, Roxerboxer!  I guess we’ll keep you.  But remember, now that you’re a grownup dog you have to be GOOD.



5 responses to “Goggie Birfdai

  1. Did Roxie get a big doggie nose yet? My doggie started out with a black puppy nose and when he turned 3 his nose started to turn brown and now he has a big boy nose and roles his eyes when I call him a puppy. Teenagers are Hell!

    Happy Birfdai!

  2. Happy birfday Roxie!!!

    Mocha just celebrated her 4th birthday… all grown up!! She didn’t get her present because she ate daddy’s flosser… I guess even teenagers are rebellious at times ;)!

  3. Happy happy birthday, Roxie!!

  4. Happy Hamburger Day, Roxie. I can hardly wait to see the new suave, mature, and sophisticated Roxer.

  5. Cake and ice cream at Grammy’s house!

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