I think I wanna watch Elf tonight.

I’m pretty sure that pandas are too cute to really exist.

YOU MAY BE A GROWNUP IF…bran flakes sound like a really good breakfast.

I want to rub a chinchilla on my face.  A live one.  Then I will give it a tiny teacup and it will be cute.

YOU MAY NOT QUITE BE A GROWNUP YET IF…you follow up the bran flakes with a eggnog cookie chaser.

Roxie recognizes the sound of the UPS truck now.  This is actually quite helpful, because now we can lock her up before she runs to the door.  Stupid Roxie.

I have a half-day at work today.  So I should probably go and get it over with, eh?

Coming soon:  awesomeness.

PS>Still not feeling especially – er, at all – Christmas-y.  I felt a bit Solstice-y on the 21st, though, so that was nice.


2 responses to “I think I wanna watch Elf tonight.

  1. I love Elf! Such a great movie.

  2. OOOOOOOOH i know the nonchristmasfeeling!
    Thanks for the card, yours will be in the mail next week, with everyone else’s…I just couldn’t get to them this year. My time thing was off.
    I just saw ELF for the first time the other night, and had to admit, even thought I dont’ care for will ferrel, I did think the movie was quite cute.
    love you, kitty kat, merry Christmas.

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