In which I reveal all…

(OK let me just see if I can get this webcam going…)

Naww, just kidding.  No nekkie.  Just knitwear.

I love this time when (almost) all of your gifts have been received, and you can finally blog about (almost) all of them!  It will make me look like a SUPERPRODUCTIVEWHOA knitter.  I promise.

(As always, more photos and pattern notes are on Rav)

First up:  the Argante shawl, for Grandmother.

That’s made from some Fleece Artist Somoko, which I’ve been hoarding in my stash since summer 2008.  I guess I’d unknowingly been waiting for this pattern and this occasion, because it all came together wonderfully.  I love the teensy bit of mohair in this yarn, and think it worked up really well.  As soon as Grandmother opened the box she said, “Oh all the ladies at church wear these scarves!  Look at all the different ways I can wear it!” then did an impromptu demonstration.  She loved the color and remarked on the softness.  GIFT WIN.

Granddad is very practical, and he’s also bald and dislikes cold ears.  So…a hat!

That’s just a basic ribbed-and-stockinette cap, out of Cascade 220.  Mom helped me pick that great heathered blue.  Granddad tried it on and mentioned how cozy it will be while he’s out chopping wood.  GIFT WIN.

My sister-in-law isn’t really the effusive, overly-demonstrative type, but she mentioned back in November how well she liked last year’s socks.  And that another pair would be nice this year.  Now, if you’re a knitter you know that the only thing better than an appreciated gift is a requested gift.

So it should come as no surprise that I was happy to oblige 🙂  Those are just my standard waffle sock pattern (k 2 rounds, (k2, p2) 2 rounds), out of a skein of Trekking Pro Natura that I’ve had in my stash since forever ago.  Laura’s tastes tend to be rather sleek, simple, and not froofy, so I didn’t play around with stitch patterns or bright colors too much.  GIFT WIN.

I was initially at a bit of a loss as to what to make for Jeff’s cousin Paul, a recent college grad.  But I finally settled on an appropriately-manly hat pattern, and one of my favorite (but never-before-used) yarns – Rowan Felted Tweed.

I even warned him as he was opening it – “Let me know if you don’t like it and I can give you something else” – I don’t want anyone stuck with a handknit they don’t adore!  But luckily he really seemed to like it.  A bunch.  The pattern is called Vegemot.  I hope that doesn’t mean “stupid person” in Norwegian or something.  But anyway – GIFT WIN.  (PS – that unevenness isn’t the hat, just the way it was laid out).

I also wondered a bit about what to do for Paul’s sister, Katie.  (Hi Katie!).  I’ve already made her a shawl, and had just finished her a pair of socks at Thanksgiving, so either of those would’ve been a bit redundant.  So I thought maybe some fingerless gloves would be nice.

Plus, it was a good opportunity to use some of a skein of Malabrigo sock that TOTALLY ACCIDENTALLY fell into my shopping basket on one of my last pre-diet Knitorious trips.  The pattern is called Sleekit Mitts and there are <150 of them on Ravelry, but I really can’t imagine why – I loved this little pattern!  So simple and easy, and with a great looking result.  I think Katie likes them.  GIFT WIN.

Next up is Katie and Paul’s mom, Carol.  Carol is also (like Katie) a wonderful knit appreciator and knit enabler.  But she’s (somehow), completely bereft of handknit socks.  UNACCEPTABLE.

I don’t know if I’ve been too lazy to look up sock patterns lately or what, but I didn’t use one for this pair either.  I just did a 2-row textured stitch (k one row, then k1,p1 on the next row) and threw in a cable on each side for good measure.  ::elaborate hand gesture:: then you’re done.  Voila.  The yarn is Ripples Crafts, and it was nice.  Not my favorite ever, but I think they’ll wear well, and softened up nicely after a soak.  And Carol’s happy.  GIFT WIN.

And if I’m making socks for everyone else, I have to make some for Jeff right?

These were a bit tricky.  Not because they’re out of solid black KnitPicks Stroll in stockinette (yawn), with a contrast-color toe so he can tell them apart from his other black socks (double yawn), but because I live with the recipient and it’s very hard to be sneaky when we spend almost all our time in the same house.  So I actually waited ’till he was off studying for finals (back in the office), and I’d stash them under my lap blanket and work then.  I artfully arranged another WIP – Grandmother’s shawl – on top, and if Jeff stirred I’d quickly switch projects.  By the time he got into the living room, he’d have no idea that I was actually working on something else.  Of course, this meant it took a long time to complete Grandmother’s shawl, but I quite cunningly told Jeff that the results appeared minimal because of all those short rows.  He really didn’t suspect that I had actually spent a day and a half knitting on socks, instead.  And yes, that means I knitted a pair of mansocks in ~14 hours of knitting time.  MY POOR HANDS.  Oh, and GIFT WIN.

I don’t think my mom would ever forgive me if I didn’t knit her something for the holiday.  So I used some Colinette Jitterbug that she’d picked out, and turned it into a scarf.

I’d loved other Ravelers’ fingering-weight versions of the Wisp pattern, and I thought that the simple mesh lace would work well with that crazy-busy colorway of yarn.  I think it worked.  And now Mom has a respectably-long scarf from just one skein of sock yarn.  GIFT WIN.

Finally (for today, anyway), was something I threw together for a co-worker.  He’s always bitching about being cold, and so I decided the easiest way to shut him up would be to knit him a hat.

Though now that I think about it, maybe he was just angling for a hat all along?  Anyway, that super-crappy picture above (don’t you know?  Flash-y photos and laptop backgrounds are so vogue right now) shows a rather nicely-done Koolhaas.  If I do say so myself.  And yep, that’s more Cascade.  It’s the knitter’s bread-and-butter for a reason, amirite?  Tom is a very tech-y guy, so I thought he’d like the grid-like cable pattern on the hat, even if it was horrendously slow going in comparison to the simpler pattern of Paul’s or the nonexistant pattern of Granddad’s.  GIFT WIN.


And that’s all I have to show you today, my friends, as my first post for 2011.  It feels so good to let (most of) the secret out.  Just wait ’till you see what I have to show you later this week…


7 responses to “In which I reveal all…

  1. What? That’s it for today? Slacker!

    How nice that people truly appreciate your talents. I’m always afraid to give handknitted gifts because I think people don’t understand that yarn is expensive (not to mention the time it takes). But, honestly, who wouldn’t love any of those beautiful knits?!

  2. Wow, awesome gift knitting! I always swear I’m going to start my Christmas knitting in June, but it never happens. That pattern for the mitts is awesome; I just added it to my queue in Rav.

  3. I love my scarf, but what did you do? Save the good stuff for other people? Hmmm?

  4. Good show! 😀 I especially liked the hats. Great patterns.

  5. Your knitting skillz never cease to amaze me.

  6. Holy cannoli! That is a serious parade of FOs. You are super duper productive!

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