The needles that took over the world

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the GREATEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER, from my parents.  It will greatly aid me in my goal to knit everything in the universe, I’m fairly certain.


Back in November when Mom came to St. Louis and we poked our heads into Knitorious, we were standing at the checkout when Mom asked Sandy – out of the blue – “Do you have those…Addi interchangeable needle sets?”  I’d mentioned that awesomeness a few months ago, and was astounded that Mom remembered.  And even more astounded when Sandy had them in stock.  And astounded to death when Mom bought them.  And then severely disappointed when she made me wait ’till Christmas to get them.


Yes, it was an emotional rollercoaster.  But it was worth the wait.  Because HOLY COW, Y’ALL.


Now, I’ve loved Addis ever since I got my first circ back in 2008-ish.  I only had a few, in my most-used sizes – a 24″ US5 and US6, a 32″ US7, and a 20″ US4 Lace.  So when they came out with the Addi Clicks interchangeable set, I started drooling.  Imagine all the possibilities!  The versatility!  With these needles, I could take over the world!


And with them finally in-hand, I can honestly say:  they do not disappoint.



Inside that lovely case are ten sizes of ends:

That’s 4 through 11, 13, and 15.


There are also three cables – 24″, 32″, and 40″ – as well as a connector (to join cables, or to join the ends of one cable and make a full loop), and a needle sizer:



The cables are SO flexible.  I’ve already used the 24″ and 32″, and they’re definitely Addi standard quality – wonderfully pliable and buttery smooth.  I don’t notice any appreciable difference between these and my other Addis.


Speaking of “buttery smooth”, let me just say:  THE JOINS. OMG.  I forgot to take a picture, but trust me – I didn’t think they could *make* interchangeable joins this smooth.  I haven’t encountered a single snag or bump yet, and I’ve used three or four different sizes already, with cotton and silk and wool and alpaca.  It’s truly astounding.


The only possible maybe slightly negative thing I could think of to say would be – I do wish that they had been able to develop smaller needle sizes for the set.  I’d love to have 0’s through 3’s.  But Sandy told me that they did this for a reason – that making smaller sizes would’ve interfered too much with the integrity of the system, so rather than put out a sub-par product they chose to limit the size range.  Makes sense to me, and I don’t mind picking up a separate needle when I finally get around to learning Magic Loop.


So…what does this new awesomeness do for me?

With my new needles, I can:

  • Work sweater sleeves on two circs – no more heavy DPN’s! – with one old non-interchangeable, and one new interchangeable
  • Effortlessly change needle sizes, such as after ribbing or at waist shaping
  • Work looooooong edgings with up to 96″ of workable length
  • Abandon projects midway through and move on to something more exciting, without buying more needles or moving stitches to a holder (umm maybe that’s not a good thing)
  • Swatch like a mofo
  • Use a smaller tip on purl-side rows to fix knit/purl gauge discrepancy if needed
  • Kick knitterly ass

Best. Needles. Ever.  And if you are at all considering buying them, if you’ve ever thought “hmm those Addi Clicks look nice”, then GO FOR IT.  You won’t regret it.  Really.


PS>Anybody have the Addi Lace interchangeables? 🙂

2 responses to “The needles that took over the world

  1. With my new needles, I can:
    . Knit my mother everything she has ever wanted knitted in her life

    (You left that off your list.)

  2. Awesome! I have the KnitPicks Options needles. But your case and everything looks so spiffy! Way to score.

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