Lucky me

Is there a name for when you have a really delicious yarn that you really want to keep for yourself, but you go with your plan/instincts and knit it for a gift anyway?

There should be.


But at least I get the pleasure of running every inch of this cake over and around my fingers, and watching the stitches emerge one by one.  The recipient “only” gets the finished project.


Still, small consolation.



Adieu, beautiful little cake.  Adieu.


PS>That’s Araucania Ranco.  That I bought at Loopy Yarns in Chicago, many moons ago.  And has been living in my stash until the perfect project – this project – came along.


2 responses to “Lucky me

  1. Oo I have a similar color in my stash..destined to become the Boteh scarf when I finish this fair isle sweater I’ve been knitting for forever!

  2. Beautiful last picture! Looks like a birthday cake for a four-year-old knitter!

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