I went to the dentist and got a filling this morning.

So you know what else I got?  NOVOCAINE!

This is me, right now, trying to smile:

Then, I just put on lip gloss.  This is me trying to rub the lip gloss in:

AWESOME!!!  Although I do hope this stuff wears off soon…  I would be sad if I had to spend the rest of my life looking like a sad old pirate.


7 responses to “Hehehehe

  1. You sad old pirate, you!

  2. HAha! oh the joy of dentistry.

  3. You are so.stinkin.cute!!!
    I ate a coney once whilst with novacaine=not a pretty sight.
    Worse than pirate face.
    The Stomach, she doesn’t wait.

  4. Second pic is my new computer wallpaper at work. Thanks!


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