Ten Character Traits of an Awesome Knitter

1)The ability to justify anything.  “I need this yarn because I have absolutely no kettle-dyed dark magenta sock yarn.  Well, I mean, I have absolutely no kettle-dyed dark magenta sock yarn that I haven’t already mentally bookmarked for other projects.  Close enough.  Here’s my AmEx.”


2)Versatility.  The kind which allows you to simultaneously work on two pairs of socks, three hats, one sweater, one scarf, two shawls (one triangular, one round), and – just to keep it interesting – a further dozen WIP’s in hibernation.


3)A complete inability to count.  If your sock is 9 pattern repeats long and you have already completed 7, how many do you have left to knit?  Three?  Let’s just do two, then count.  What’s that?  Now there are 9?  You finished “early”!  What a pleasant surprise!


4)Tenacity.  So that you don’t mind re-knitting that sleeve three times, with three different needle configurations, to get rid of that stupid laddering.


5)Limitless optimism.  “What’s that you say? I have just created a sock leg for Bigfoot? Oh well – I shall frog it, and now I get to re-knit those 100 yards of gorgeous handpainted yarn!  And get more practice with a picot cast-on!  Lucky me!”


6)Calm under pressure.  As in, 11:30pm-on-December-24-with-one-sock-and-a-scarf-left-to-knit pressure.  As in, brew another kettle of tea and who wants to put on another movie?


7)Foresight.  “Well, it may not fit little Jimmy yet (note: Jimmy is 2 months old), but he’ll have a 72″ armspan someday!”


8)Lack of foresight.  So when you’re making gloves and run out of yarn with one  finger left to knit, you have an excuse to make another trip to the LYS for another skein.  And some sock yarn.  And maybe that laceweight over there.  Ooh and some pretty silver stitch markers!  (Somehow this doesn’t contradict 7) above.  Go figger.)


9)Creativity.  “I swear, I made the toe of the left sock is a different color on purpose!  We’re trying to teach little Jimmy how to tell his left from right.”  (Note:  Jimmy is still 2 months old)


10)Forgetfulness.  “Who was that hat going to be for?  It has been sitting at the bottom of my project basket for two years…I guess I’ll just do those last few rounds and keep it for myself, huh?”


4 responses to “Ten Character Traits of an Awesome Knitter

  1. Sounds like you have everything justified. Knit away! (Same thing works for bead buying/jewelry making.)

  2. I think you should frame this list and hand it up in your house.

  3. So, I cast on for my sock today. Yeah, I got stuck with the joining the dpns. I’ve watched videos but I just can’t get it. How many times does one frog something before they decide that socks just aren’t something they can knit?
    Apparently, for me, it’s more than 4

  4. I teach beginning knitting at a craft store. I can justify a yarn purchase like NOBODY’s business. I spend a lot of time practicing. Like, today, when I read your list and my want list tripled! Must have Dyeabolical yarn NOW. I shouldn’t even bother asking for a paycheck anymore. Maybe I’ll just give her MY wallet. If you see a girl, a girl on the side of the road, with a cardboard sign that says “Will Work for Yarn” — that’s me.

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