Of all the yarns I’ve loved before…

Cruising through my “All used up” stash on Rav is like a trip down memory lane.  So many gorgeous skeins and cakes that are no longer of this world.  It’s a pity, really.

I mean, I love the FO’s.  I especially love the ones I got to keep, which haven’t gone to other homes.  The ones that I can still wear and enjoy and fondle and lovingly re-block as needed.  Those are great.

But I’ve gotta say, I do miss the yarn.  There are quite a few that I would knit again, in a heartbeat.  Including…

Knit Me Now sock yarn in “Blueberry pie”.  I talk all the time about yarns I want to eat.  But THIS yarn? I really want to eat.  This is so squishy it was like knitting marshmallows.  And the socks are wearing so well, too!  I wore them today, in fact, inside my snowboots for the 2-mile walk to campus.

Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande, in “cream”.  The way I twist my yarn around my finger, I always end up with a little spiraling indentation.  Well guess what?  NOT WITH THIS.  Because it’s too soft.  If the sock yarn above is like knitting with marshmallows, then this is like knitting with cool whip.  I made it into a cowl for my mom, and it’s pretty much the softest warmest thing ever.

Dyeabolical Yarn Strong Arm sock yarn (my most favorite ever!  This is great stuff) in the “Themyscira”.  I had to wait a while for Rachel to dye more of this.  And then she did.  And I bought some.  And I was happy.

Buffalo Gold luxe laceweight.  It was sent to me because I made an awesome joke on Ravelry.  And now I love this yarn and I knitted it as soon as I received it and now I want moar! moar! moar!  It is without a doubt the softest, radiant, smoothest yarn I’ve ever handled.

Malabrigo yarn silky merino.  This isn’t the most special fairy-fart yarn ever, but in my experience it is the *perfect* stuff to crochet.  Something about the slightly-underspun single ply, with excellent drape and gorgeous dimension, really makes it play well with crochet.  If I’m ever wealthy I’ll make a whole afghan of this stuff, and then it will pill up, but I won’t care because it will be the squishiest bestest afghan ever.  EVER.

So those are some of my most favorite yarns ever.  What about yours?


4 responses to “Of all the yarns I’ve loved before…

  1. I love Baby Alpaca Grande too! Its just so nice and warm:) I have a penchant for Noro and Lisa Souza has some great saturated colors. My staples are Berroco Vintage and Cascade.

  2. wow…i wish i were such a yarn aficianado like you are! I love yarns, and have made quite a few afghans, but really need to bring myself away from Joanne’s & branch out! do you have any places in KC you can recommend? There is a place down by the plaza called The Studio (i think) I used to l-o-v-e, but i went in there a few months ago & the store was pretty sparse. I hope they were in between shipments!

    Random question…how did you learn to knit? All i can make are scarves when i knit…i feel like i have two hands full of thumbs & am so awkward at it!

  3. OMG! It’s fairy fart yarn for me or nothing at all!

  4. Seriously? I need you to stop this. I need to go to bed. Alarm. Six hours. Do not need to start digging through stash right now looking for that skein, you know, the one that was all copper-y-amber-y-shimmer-y…(Brooks Farm Primero , 100% kid mohair. Hasn’t wanted to be anything I’ve tried yet with it, but someday…it will be something FABULOUS!)

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