Snow days should be the best days

Everyone from Oklahoma to Massachusetts knows about SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011, right?
Now, let me tell you that my esteemed employer prides itself on having not closed campus since 1982.  That’s practically part of the school’s motto.  “Blah blah blah educational excellence and also we never close for the weather.” Only in Latin or something.

So when it was sleeting and icing at 1:00 on Monday, we were all shocked to get the “Campus is closing early.  Go home.  Be safe.” email from the Chancellor’s office.

And then I was even more surprised that night, when my friend in another department called and said “Hey we’re closed tomorrow too!”

A snow day! A real snow day! I haven’t had one of these since high school!  The ice was still coming down, and was supposed to turn to sleet overnight.  Highways – big Interstates – were closing.  There was talk of blizzard-like conditions, and words like “FEMA” and “white-out” and “treacherous” were being thrown around.  WHOOPEE!!!!!

So Jeff and I stayed up late on Monday night (like the party animals that we are), watching episodes of Dexter, playing with kittens and keeping the window-blinds open to watch the sleet fall outside.

On Tuesday when I woke up at around 8:30 I excitedly looked outside, ready to feast my eyes on a winter wonderland.

And what should I see, but 3″ of solid, packed sleet.  And nary a snowflake in sight.

So I resigned myself to a day of knitting (I’m making a sweater – Peasy – out of Rowan Felted Tweed for my grandma) and drinking tea (Tazo spiced chai) and wearing my pyjamas all day (the flannel ones with the snowflakes).


As a mere formality before separating for the sleeves and body, I decided to check the gauge on Grandma’s sweater.

Now, let me ask you – as an aside:  if you SWATCH on US4’s, and you get your 5.5 st/in gauge on US4’s, and then you WASH your SWATCH, and it grows a bit but then as it dries it goes back to a softer, fluffier 5.5 st/in, then what do you think might happen once you knit the entire raglan yoke of a sweater on US4’s?



So I frogged the whole thing and revised my plan for the day:  I made it my goal to just “break even” – I had just un-knit three evenings’ worth of work, so why not see if I could make it all up in a day?

I put on the kettle, popped in The Simpsons Season 13, pottied the dog, and hunkered down.

By the end of the day…

(picture from this morning, when I added three rows before work).

::sigh:: that’s not quite productive yet; I’m about 2 or 3 repeats away from actually making progress.  I am disappointed in myself.

But Jeff saw it differently, saying – “Katie, you just knitted almost the entire yoke of an adult’s sweater in one day!”. Let’s all take a moment in appreciation of his knitterly compassion and understanding.  Jeff is a good man.

It still hurts, though.  I set an arbitrary goal, dammit, and failed to meet it!

So what’s the lesson, here? How is it that my day of magical snowy wonderment ended up being a day of chagrin and irritation?  Because it was a snow day.  A day that was too good to be true.  A day that wasn’t meant to be.

I should know better by now, really.  Don’t taunt the knitting gods.

PS>I made cinnamon rolls, too.  Only I mixed a 2:1 ratio of white sugar and brown sugar for the filling, and put in more cinnamon than humanly possible.  I also rolled them lengthwise rather than widthways, which gave me rolls that were “shorter”, but had twice as many rounds/layers.  I know it’s risky to mess with perfection, but it worked.  They were incredible.  Viva la cinnamon rolls!


3 responses to “Snow days should be the best days

  1. That yarn is working up beautifully, as far as color goes. I don’t understand the stuff about needles and swatching. Grandma will love it. I promise.

  2. I’m uber-jealous of your snow. Send some to VA. I want (another) snow day.

  3. UMKC was closed for 2 days in a row! I was surprised to get that email, that never happens! I totally built a snowman yesterday. I was tired of staying inside and watching the snow so I played in the front yard! fun times 🙂

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