Obsession of the Day

I always feel like my iPod is judging me when I’m listening to a song on repeat, and there’s that brief space between the end of one repeat and beginning of the next.


It’s as if it’s saying, “::sigh:: again?  Well, here you go.  Weirdo.”


Just in case you were wondering, AND you don’t live on Twitter, LSG, OR in my office, OR if I haven’t texted/called/emailed you about my new discovery, this is the song in question:


Hell, pretty much this whole album.


Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll be in the corner with my judgmental iPod.

4 responses to “Obsession of the Day

  1. One of my favorite things in music is when the voice totally doesn’t match the person it’s coming from, which means that this song is now one of my favorite things about music.

  2. Ok, also, one of my favorite things about music is when it’s hilarious.
    Do NOT watch at work!

  3. wow. I feel like this with Gary, he is everything to me, after all these years. I told you I was sick…well, I ended up puking in the famous pink bucket in front of him in the living room…and I heard him in the background muttering….for better or worse, baby………so funny.

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