Alexis Mae McKitty

My parents’ cat (well, really my cat.  But only sortof) died yesterday.  She was only 9.


RIP, Allie.  I loved the sideways cat game and your “cottonballs of death”.



You were very good at being an invisible black cat on top of a crinkly bag.  Or paper.  Or box.



I know you didn’t like me much, but I liked you.  And your fat cheekies.



❤ your kittenface.


9 responses to “Alexis Mae McKitty

  1. Aww! I’m so sorry. 9 is so young 😦

  2. Sad! So sorry. Looked like a character.

  3. She loved you, too. She just wasn’t afraid to set boundaries. Remember how she had no bones? It’s not right here without Allie.

  4. She was a cutie. Sorry …

  5. RIP, Allie. So sorry for your family’s loss. 😦

  6. Poor sweetie. I’m sorry your family has had this loss.

  7. crying with you .

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