Separation Anxiety

I rode Holly the Raleigh for the first time in about two weeks, today.  She and I fell, together, on our asses while inching down the slippery driveway.  Then we had a lovely and uneventful ride to campus, where she waited patiently all day for me to finish work.  This afternoon we had a lovely and uneventful ride home, and here we are.


I missed Holly.  Two weeks is a long time.


PS>Jeff and I don’t really do the big commercialism of VD (that’s what I call it and then I giggle), so we just exchanged cards and chocolate and I got a book of sonnets, and Roxie pooped on the floor and now Jeff is doing his reading for tomorrow and I’m blogging.  In a bit we’ll watch The Queen and eat too much chocolate and play with the cats’ tummies.   Hope you’re having a good one, too.  ❤



2 responses to “Separation Anxiety

  1. I told you you need to wear a helmet! Maybe get an ass helmet, too.

  2. Melissa @ HerGreenLife

    I enjoyed reuniting with my bike, Bub, over the weekend. I rode on Saturday and Sunday, when there were definitely some dicey spots, but managed to stay upright.

    My husband took a spill when riding to work through Forest Park on Monday, even though I had specifically warned him to be careful in the park because a friend of ours fell there on Saturday. Other than a broken bike mirror part (which the company is replacing for free, AGAIN) and a bruised ego, he was fine.

    Hope you’ve been able to bike yesterday and today 🙂

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