Smells like spring

I hope I’m not getting too far ahead of myself here, but wow.  Today smelled like springtime.  It was lovely, and I adored it.


(But no worries, I’m sure that within a week I’ll again be longing for wintertime and snow.  This is just the excitement of newness.)


Coincidentally, this smell tops my current favorite list:



10)The first day you open the windows and air out the house after winter.

9)BPAL “Bess”.  NOM.

8)Garlic and onions sizzling on the cast iron pan.

7)The tea shop

6)New shoes

5)Wet, clean wool (I may be alone in this.  But it’s the smell of blocking!  And of FO’s!)

4)Anything lemony or cinnamony, freshly-baked

3)Lavender and cedar sachets (the smell of outsmarting the moths!)

2)Book bindings

1)Macbeth’s tummy


What are your favorite scents?


7 responses to “Smells like spring

  1. Gross, but 1. my husband…2. my cats. After that, I like my bed linens.

  2. Baby feet. My little kids’ hair after they’d been outside playing in the sunshine. My mother’s house. Homemade bread. Gasoline. Fresh ground coffee. Cinnamon roll day in the school cafeteria. Willows on the river bank.

  3. Great post!

    My faves include:
    -Spring, once the flowers are starting to grow, but the air is still cool. It’s that fresh sweet smell. Yum!
    -My cat. I can’t explain it, but for whatever reason he smells like amber resin to me.
    -Obvs Amber Resin
    -fresh ground coffee
    -Chai tea
    -autumn, when you get that cold burn smell, with a side of fresh earth. It always inspires me to get things done.
    -BPAL’s Alice
    -Old books
    -My mother’s perfume
    -a candle recently blown out
    -baking bread

  4. how fun, as always.
    I love : lavender and lilacs fresh in the spring.
    burning leaves
    someone else’s soap
    line dried sheets on the bed
    and frying onions

  5. Freshly mowed grass, the smell of baking, and thanksgiving food.

  6. In no particular order:
    The first spade-ful of dirt that you turn over in the spring.
    Turkey roasting.
    Bread baking.
    A fresh-bathed dog.
    Wood. Any kind of wood. Also sawdust.
    Inside of a new car.

  7. We aired out the house today – it was so awesome. This is one of those days when living in Florida absolutely rocks 🙂

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