I know I said that 2010 was a crappy year and could eat a bag of dicks, but now it looks like 2011 isn’t shaping up much better.


After losing Allie just a couple weeks ago, now we’ve found that our baby Othello has a “suspicious growth” in his mouth.  Best case scenario: nasty infection/impaction.  Worst case: kitty cancer.  (Don’t Google that unless you want a major sad.)


He’s in for the biopsy today, then we should have results in 5-7 days.





Believe it or not, I’m rather fond of the little furniture destroyin’, quilt piece scramblin’, face rubbin’, flesh wound causin’ bastard.


2011? You can suck it.




10 responses to “Kittenface

  1. Agreed. 2011 can go fuck itself.

    ❤ Good luck with Othello. I hope it's nothing and that he'll be around for years to come, causing much mayhem for you and yours

  2. Sorry to hear that – I’m sending some kitty mojo your way!

    And I agree, 2011 is not shaping up to be a good year. I just came back from getting a biopsy myself – hopefully their prediction is correct and it’s something benign. Poor Othello – biopsies hurt like hell!

  3. Oh man. Fingers crossed. Sending you good kitty vibes.

  4. Tell him that Grammy loves him. Rub his head. I’m hoping for the best.

  5. Maybe 2011 can redeem itself by becoming the year that Othello’s infection is discovered and treated. Thinking of you and your little guy!

  6. Sorry about your kitty! He looks so cute. 😦

  7. Awww – I hope everything turns out okay.


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