No good news

Thought I’d give an update re: Othello.


Turns out that the CT scan gave results that are worse than they thought – the cancer isn’t just in his jaw; it has spread through his skull around to his eye socket and down through his nose area.


They could try and operate on the jaw portion, but that would just create a lot of pain for him and wouldn’t have a significant effect in the long term.  Radiation and chemo would also be options, but neither of those would have any tangible positive effects – not when the cancer is so extensive.


So we’re going to keep him on mild pain meds so he can eat more easily, and continue to take him in for frequent checkups.  Eventually we’ll probably have to put in a permanent feeding tube and do it that way, though at no point should he be in a lot of pain.


We’ll be able to carry on that way for an indefinite amount of time – they don’t know how quickly the cancer is growing, but they can say that as long as we can keep him eating and keep his weight up, he should be happy and content.  Our only other big concern would be if the cancer metastasizes in his lymph nodes or anything, but we’ll worry about crossing that bridge if/when we come to it.


I’m so sad that we can’t cure Othello, but I am happy that we don’t have to subject him to surgery and a missing jaw.  I’ll feel a lot better once the pain med prescriptions are filled; the vet says at that point he won’t hurt at all and we can just keep going as normal.  But for how long? Maybe just a few months, maybe a year or more.


Squeeze your kitties for me, OK?


12 responses to “No good news

  1. This breaks my heart.

  2. Aw Katie, I’m so sorry 😦 I will definitely give my kitty a squeeze tonight. I know how hard this must be – mine is 15 and I am always worried about stuff like this, since I know it must be inevitable at her age. At least he will be happy and pain-free and doesn’t have to have surgery ❤

  3. Oh my goodness. That is so sad! I am sorry about your poor Othello.

  4. I feel sad. Othello is just a kitten. It is good to know, though, that they can control his pain. Give him a squeeze for me, but don’t squeeze too hard. After all the poking and prodding he has been through, he deserves a gentle touch.

  5. So sorry to read about your cat:(

    I use to have a black and white cat named Othello!!!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear this, sweetie. The pain meds will keep him comfy and he’ll be able to have some more quality time with the people he loves. He’s a very lucky cat to be cared for so well and to have such a nice family.

  7. Please give Othello extra treats and lovin’ from his aunt in Austin.

  8. I’m so sorry about your kitty. Poor, poor baby. I did hug my kitty extra today.

  9. I haven’t been around much, but saw this on FB and wanted to stop by. Hugs babe!! So so sad about Othello, but so so happy he’s got such a good mommy taking care of him!

  10. I’m so sorry to hear that. I was really hoping for better news for you guys. there’s just nothing I can say that will make it better but I’m thinking of you guys.

  11. Awww… poor baby. My Elvis (who’s fifteen) has been having some problems lately, so I’ve been giving him lots of extra hugs.

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