There’s a metaphor in there somewhere. No, wait, that’s just more snot. Hey, that’s a metaphor too!

I have officially reached the “giving up” stage of the head-cold:  in which I stop the futile nose-blowing and instead just ram make two little silk hankie noseplugs and ram ’em up my nostrils.  (It’s a green tie-dye hankie too, for good measure.)


I am nearly at that point in life, too.


What’s the life equivalent of ramming hanky noseplugs up one’s nostrils?


Staying in my PJ’s all day and eating girl scout cookies and petting my sick cat?


OK let’s do that.


5 responses to “There’s a metaphor in there somewhere. No, wait, that’s just more snot. Hey, that’s a metaphor too!

  1. I fully support how you are dealing with the dreadful cold.

  2. It is a little-known fact that when the author of this blog was but a wee tyke, she was known as “Kate O’Katie, the Irish Baby.” With all the stressful things happening in Miss O’Katie’s life and with St Patrick’s day coming next week, sure and begorrah I think that she needs some cheering up. Can the other avid readers of her blog each think of something that would make an Irish baby smile and send a link her way? No metaphors needed, thankee very much.

  3. Kate o’Katie, hope you sneezed so hard the devil had no chance to run up your nose! (And also that the sneezing-sniffling-etc is over now.)

    If you haven’t found it yet… They did about the ENTIRE Irish mythological cycle, and did it thumping well, too. Go to the back-back-back of their archives for the good stuff!

  4. Two words for you…Netie Pot. It’s legal I swear! And totally all-natural…LOL And it is totally gross to do but it totally flushed a three week long never ending sinus infection for me and now I do it daily to prevent allergies. I’m hoping this will replace allergy meds. I couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered from the sinus infection after I did it. It works!!!!! There are crazy demonstration videos on utube and they costs about 15 bucks and can be found at Walgreens.

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