Duluth material

Oh, St. Louis.  You never fail to surprise me.



This was Saturday.



You can’t go wrong with a giant, fluffy, late March snow.



If I were living in my utopian homestead yet, I’d call it a sugar snow and go start boiling my maple sugar into syrup.


Alas, I have no maple trees, (actually, I have no trees at all) and thus must settle for an agave/maple blend from Trader Joe’s.


I love heavy snow.  Especially when it falls onto my shawl.



Please don’t ever go away, winter.  I’ll miss you.



3 responses to “Duluth material

  1. March is such a fickle month.

  2. So it’s YOU! YOU are the one encouraging winter! If it snows again here, I may weep.

  3. What a great view down your sidewalk. That will be a nice way to remember your STL days when you are living somewhere else. It all looks so cozy!

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