He’s got me figured out, part 2,213

(Jeff and I drove to campus together this morning)

Me: (pointing at three motorcycles sharing a spot in the parking garage) “I wonder if they know each other?  And talk to each other all the time?”

Jeff:  “The motorcycles, or the people who own the motorcycles?  I know how you think.”

Me:  (quietly) “The motorcycles.”


7 responses to “He’s got me figured out, part 2,213

  1. of course it was the motorcycles…. they probably ride together on the weekends, hang out in cool parking lots, see super cool scenery, and get to play on hilly/winedy roads.

  2. Oh, he has you all figured out! So funny.

  3. You are goofy. Perhaps you watched “Brave Little Toaster” one too many times as a child.

  4. Heh…sounds like something Tim would say to me. ONLY REALLY LOUDLY!!! AND THEN HE’D BE ALL, “BECAUSE I KNOW HOW YOU THINK, YOU CRAZY WOMAN YOU WHO IS ALWAYS WITH THE ‘MOTORCYCLES ARE PEOPLE TOO’ THING, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”…just, you know, to make sure everybody from here to Memphis HEARD HIM!!!!!!!!! (…sigh…love him, sometimes wish he were just a leeeeeetle quieter…)

  5. I miss your posts here and at Two Closets 🙂 Are you okay?

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