I tried being emo once, but I messed it up ’cause I enjoyed smiling too much.

I figure that once I start getting “where are you, Kate?” emails not only from friends and regular commenters, but also from lurkers (<3 you, lurkers!), then it’s probably time to post again.


The problem is – without sounding like a self-indulgent, whiny little bitch – that I’m really not having a wonderful go of it right now.  Othello is sick: getting skinnier every day but still purring as loud as ever and clawing our faces to bits while we sleep.  I don’t know if he’ll be around by the time Jeff leaves for the summer.  I’m not really feeling terribly motivated to do much besides sit and watch Office reruns and knit plain stockinette socks and eat Trader Joe’s granola cookies.


I’m rather off on the whole St. Louis thing as well, and am more than ready for the next chapter (as long as the next chapter doesn’t involve this odd little apathetic city)


It’s pretty much going to suck ass when Jeff leaves (for his summer legal internship in DC), too.  That, coupled with the inevitable summer slowdown at work, means I expect to spend a bit more time mentally at loose ends.  Hopefully that will hopefully translate into increased bloggy productivity.


On the bright side, I’m really excited to go visit him in June, and we’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned before then.  And after then.  I’m going to keep busy, and it’ll be awesome (surely the end of the yarn diet will help).


It’s not all crap, though.  Really.  I’ve got some cool stuff in the works.  Ink and extra holes, lots of cycling, and yarn, maybe some more furniture restoration,  adventures with my faithful goggie, and even some cool post ideas.


Until then, though, I’ll leave you with some music that I’ve really been enjoying lately.  As anybody in my office suite can tell you, I’ve had the iPod glued to my ears pretty much all day.  When the new stuff takes too much out of me, I’ve even taken a brief foray back into my murky musical history by revisiting Pink Floyd.  I’m pretty much one step away from digging out the duct-tape purse and Sharpie’d up Converse high-tops.  Makes me want to stretch out on the bedroom floor, light an incense, and wake up just in time for dinner.


As I’m pretty sure you’re already acquainted with The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon, I’ll share some non-60’s-psychedelic music.


Brandi Carlile is pretty much the anti-Pink Floyd, but only in the best way.


I’m seriously late to the party, here.  But I’ve finally given her a listen, and I’m thoroughly smitten.  Her album The Story is quickly becoming my soundtrack for spring 2011, much as Josh Ritter’s Hello Starling owned summer 2008, Chuck Prophet’s Age of Miracles took autumn 2009, Jason Webley’s Only Just Beginning had spring 2010 and (as you all know)Nick Cave’s Good Son filled winter 2010/11.


Another new-to-me find is Kate Rusby, and her album Underneath the Stars.  This is one that’s going to live in my collection for a long time, and be appreciated for a long time, I can tell.  It’s just pure goodness.


This next one’s a bit different, but if you liked my Amanda Palmer / Evelyn Evelyn recommendations, you’ll probably ❤ Vermillion Lies too.  Takes creepy cabaret to a whole ‘nuther level: an awesome level.  Separated by Birth is my favorite album, but it’s also the most “safe” and mainstream, IMNSHO.

I’m pretty sure that’s what it would sound like if Jeff ever let the crazies escape my brain.  Let’s hope that never happens.


Now we’re getting really mainstream here (omg someone take away my unwanted hipster cred!), but I’m also loving Metric.  LOVING.

Fantasies is like medicine.  Take enough and I feel happy and energized.  Take too much and I feel frantic and nervous.  You gotta be careful.  It’s an album that wants to be listened to, not just one for background music.


Here’s a really new discovery:  Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion.  I didn’t even have to listen to know I’d love their stuff – having the Guthrie name was good enough to me..  But then I listened – just to make sure – and it’s a win.

I mean, how could Arlo Guthrie’s daughter, singing with her husband, not be awesome? It’s pretty much physically impossible.  Exploration is a fantastic album, though I think it’s best heard as soundtrack to a road trip (who’s up for one?)


I’ll end this little list by coming back full circle, with another great folk artist:  Pete Droge.  This song was my gateway drug:

I first heard it in the most unlikely of places:  a Toyota commercial.  No, really.  And now I’m smitten.  So, thank you Toyota.  (Err…I mean, thank you, Pete.) Under The Waves is on permanent rotation for me, now.


Happy Wednesday, y’all.


6 responses to “I tried being emo once, but I messed it up ’cause I enjoyed smiling too much.

  1. I totally get that this is your place to bitch, and I’m glad that we all can have such a place because otherwise we would be super crazy, but sometimes I get the impression that you came to St. Louis determined not to appreciate it or like it in any way and you refuse to change that opinion.

    Just try and remember the awesome things that have happened while you’ve been here. You found your precious puppster and bike and are even able to ride that bike to work every day. You are able to travel and see your family without having to set aside weekdays of vacation time.

    Again, before people hate me, I totally get that there is some really shitty stuff happening right now. And I understand the feeling of being ready for the new chapter but before this one is over try and remember that you couldn’t have gotten to the next phase without this one.
    And if you ever want to just get out of the house for a little bit, I’m totally game. Although, as May 2nd approaches I might be less likely to do anything but sit in a comfortable chair and be huge.

  2. Hubby and I recently started a long distance relationship, though we at least see each other every weekend. It sucks big time, but thank Bob for Skype… Hope you guys get through this alright!

    Here is some music I enjoy these days, maybe something for you as well? Loving the new Decemberists album “The king is dead”. There is a lot of nice folk music coming out of Britain, like Johnny Flynn, Laura Marling, Noah and the Whale and Mumford & Sons. If you like Travis at all, Fran Healy’s solo album might be up your alley.

  3. This lurker loves you 🙂

  4. Something is seriously wrong here. Five out of six of these (Katie can guess the odd man out) I would put on my iPod. (If I had an iPod.) Where is the musical generation gap I keep hearing so much about? A lady I worked with who is in KT’s generation is planning on using one of the same tunes at her wedding that Woodsie and I used at ours. Or maybe a good tune is a good tune regardless of when it was first heard. Eh, Wolfie?

  5. Take your time, remember to breath, and know I’ll always be here when you’re ready to open your eyes again.

  6. ps: I skipped all the music stuff, I was addicted to youtube for about a year, and don’t want to fall off the wagon. (again)

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