The voices are getting louder…

Me:  “I want to listen to Janis Joplin!”

My all-knowing iPod:  “I don’t think that’s a good idea right now.”

Me:  “I don’t care.  Play Janis!”

My all-knowing iPod:  “No.  You are working with spreadsheets and are already in a bad mood, and I know you’ve been listening to Postal Service all morning.  Listening to Janis Joplin right now will make you feel like a helpless cog in the machine.  I refuse to play ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ one more time.  Ain’t happenin’.  And don’t ask for The Wall, either.  I know what’s good for you.”


My all-knowing and rather insufferable iPod:  “No.  You’re gonna take Grace Potter, and you’re gonna like it, dammit.”

Me:  ::humming along to ‘Ah, Mary‘:: Dammit.


3 responses to “The voices are getting louder…

  1. Some days, you just have to have some Janis.

  2. It serves you right that your iPod has rebelled. After listening to Sarah Lee Guthrie a couple of days ago, I can’t get her dad’s “City of New Orleans” out of my brain. Want me to hum a few bars?

  3. Wow. We must be connected in some way. I have been in a bad mood all day long. Vivaldi did nothing to get me out of it. I blame him.

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