Envisioning the end

T-minus six weeks ’till the end of the yarn diet.

I know, I can’t believe it, either.

So I’m currently sorting out a multi-pronged plan of attack to celebrate THE END.

Here’s my strategy so far:

1a)On or about 5/25, order 1 skein of Wollmeise sockenwolle or merino superwash from a Ravelry seller (should arrive around 6/1).  I’ve never held Wollmeise before.  Never seen it in person, never touched it.  But since it’s clearly made of unicorn farts and fairy tears, I can hardly fail to be impressed.

1b)On the same day, indulge in some Etsy treats from one or more of these sellers.  Oh, yes.

2)On Wednesday 6/1, scoot to Knitorious straight after work.  Twirl gleefully in a circle (Julie-Andrews-on-a-mountaintop-style) and fill my arms with wooly goodness.  Purchase wooly goodness.  Cry a bit.  Happy tears.  Prepare to be mocked by Sandy.

3)On Thursday 6/2 after work, visit The Loopy Ewe in person (I can’t believe I’ve lived in St. Louis for three years and haven’t been there yet); they’re open till 8pm that night.  You can watch my frantic scurrying on webcam, too.  I’ll probably Tweet the event.  And take pictures for posterity.

4)On Saturday 6/4 and Sunday 6/5, spend the ENTIRE WEEKEND holed up in my house with nothing but a dog and full DVR for company, and knit as though my life depended on it.  I anticipate putting in 12- or 15-hour days.  Make Jeff watch the whole yarn orgy on webcam from DC.  You know I’m not kidding.

Am I forgetting anything?  What else can I do to make the celebration even more special?


4 responses to “Envisioning the end

  1. To make the whole yarn diet splurge worthwhile, you should have a tasty cookie with your tea. And since it is hard to just make one cookie, why not bake a big batch of snickerdoodles and mail them to your father?

  2. Celebrate with a new tattoo. Crossed needles and ball of yard. 🙂

  3. Regarding #1a–I have a hank of semisolid bright orange Wollmeise Twin that I will never use if you are interested.

    Regarding #1b–We dyers love you so.

    Regarding #2–I can’t wait to see this twirling happen.

    Regarding #3–I went for the first time a few weeks ago. O. M. G!

    Regarding #4–Excellent plan!

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