My idea of fun

Y’all remember how I mentioned this gorgeous cross-stitch pattern? Which I bought as a birthday gift to myself in 2006, vowing to actually undertake (and maybe even complete) the project “sometime in the future”?

The time has come.  I’m going to (endeavor to) (begin to) cross-stitch this:

Every inch of it.  Yeah, I’m certifiable.

I decided that nothing is more fitting for my upcoming summer of solitude (has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?) than a cross-stitched adaptation of a painting based on this poem.  The whole thing is just so delightfully melodramatic that I’m absolutely beside myself!

(You already know, of course, that I relish vicarious drama, melo- or ortherwise)

So that’s how Jeff and I found ourselves in the needlework aisle at Michael’s on Saturday, buying 118 skins of DMC floss.

(When Jeff asked how much embroidery floss costs, I’d told him “about a dollar per skein”, so that when he saw the real price tag of 35¢ each it seemed like a real bargain.  I’m smart like that.)

We worked out a floss-gathering system and everything! I’d call out the numbers, he’d grab the skeins and throw them in our little handbasket, while simultaneously wielding a large roll of 16-ct Aida cloth.


Isn’t it beautiful?

But…tsk-tsk…so disorderly.

I’m sure it will surprise no one that I had a solution!  And a terribly innovative one, at that.  One which no one has ever thought of before, ever.

After working all of Saturday evening and most of Sunday-day, I had successfully filled my compulsive organizational needs:

Aah, much better.  Much, much better.

Each one neatly labeled, with the duplicates living in a separate little bag.  Soon I’ll go pick up another of these storage boxes, to hold the blended colors (blended colors are my favorites!).  And then I’ll be ready to get started.

Don’t you love the smell of potential?

(unfortunately, it’s so often followed by the stench of drudgery)


7 responses to “My idea of fun

  1. I’ve had horrible backaches like that woman. Alas, I do not have a moated grange.

  2. Oh wow, that’s such a gorgeous pattern.

    But I’m in awe at the yarn organisation. It just looks so beautiful. And so neat!

  3. Wow, this is an ambitious project! Right now, I’m just trying to make it through a wearable sweater.

  4. Are you all quitting 2 closets? I sadly still go there every day 😦

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  6. You’re a lunatic.

    And I LIKE it.

    My mother cross-stitches for dollhouses.

    She’s a lunatic, too.

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