Puppy fix

Are you watching the puppy cam?

I love these week-old Shiba Inu pups.  Seems they double in size every day, and their patient, affectionate mama is a sight to behold!  The puppycam lives in the corner of my monitor all day at work, so I can keep an eye on them while I edit spreadsheets, sit on hold on the phone, or process receipts.  (yes, my life is glamorous).  Mama nurses them, they wriggle and climb all over each other, and sometimes The Hand appears to give an affectionate scritch or help someone tangled up in his own little legs.  The puppycam is almost as good as having a basketful of puppies for my very own.

But this morning really took the cake.  Just a few minutes after I came in and got to work, I saw The Hand reach down into the puppies’ den and carefully place four little easter gifts for the beebies…

I’m pretty sure I squealed aloud in my empty office.

Hope that gets your weekend off to a good start!


One response to “Puppy fix

  1. Ohhhh no, what have you done? Look, that one is upside down! And they are so wiggly! Ahhhh, there goes my prductivity…

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