Springtime in St. Louis

Now’s an OK time to be in St. Louis – there’s lots of good stuff happening here this spring.

This Saturday and Sunday:  Indie Craft Revolution!  There’s not going to be a Green With Indie this year, but this is another St. Louis Craft Mafia production so you know it’s gonna be good.  And I’ve always wanted to see the Artist’s Guild building up close, anyway.

The Renaissance Faire runs from May 14 to June 5 (we’re going on May 21, with our goggie and her packpack).

Shakespeare in the Park (The Taming of The Shrew!) begins on May 25 and runs through June 19 (I’m gonna go with Katie G., whether she wants to or not.  I shall bribe her with a picky-nick.  Yes.)

Craft-O-Matic happens on June 4.  It should freaking rock.

And then there’s all the year-round stuff, that may not immediately come to mind – like awesome used bookstores (Patten, The Book House, and Dunaway are my favorites), the Botanical Garden, shopping and dining at Morgan Ford, the Soulard farmer’s market, a great season at the Muny (and the awesomeness that is Forest Park in general).  (Hmm…Jeff and I need to make one more trip to the art museum before he leaves next month)  Or you can drive a bit and hang out at Cahokia, ride the Chain of Rocks trail, or visit the Daniel Boone home.  Or, hell, go a bit further to Hannibal or Rocheport.

And if all else fails, you can always find something cool through the RFT calendar.

St. Louisians – did I miss anything big?

Non-St.-Louisians (you lucky ducks) – what are you looking forward to this spring/summer?


One response to “Springtime in St. Louis

  1. Tis the season for some fun!

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