16. Organize your knitting book collection.


But what a dull start.  I didn’t even remember to take a “before” picture.

But there they are, all in a tidy row, all carefully logged into MyBookDroid.  Cross-stitch at the far left, knitting in the middle (including those four binders of printed patterns – sorted by pattern type and gender), and quilting at the far right (with empty folders and blank graph/sketch paper too).

That app, by the way, is just about the handiest thing ever.  No more worrying/wondering if I’m buying a duplicate or passing up a volume in my mental queue!  I’ve logged our entire library in there, with virtual “shelves” for Jeff’s fantasy books, my knitting stuff, cookbooks, etc.  So flippin’ handy.  And so flippin’ free.

Now if only they could have their own shelf, away from all those dreary law texts… 😉


One response to “28:16

  1. ooooooooooooooooI hate myself somedays….I would have to arrange by size…….and some would be laying down and stacked. So wrong=so me.

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