21. Buy some used books.

I now present for general consumption:  THE CHEESIEST PHOTO EVER.

Yesterday Jeff and I went to The Book House, and Patten Books.

The Book House is a unique animal, with new and used books thoroughly intermingled.  Which is awesome, because if you’re not feelin’ the $14.99 list price on your book, just shift your eyes 1.5″ to the right and chances are there’s a used copy for half the price.  RIGHT THERE.

It messes with your mind, in an awesome way.

And how can you not love a place where the windows are covered with books, and the floors are covered with waist-high columns, two deep?

You can’t.  You can’t not love it.

I didn’t take any photos in Patten, but that place holds a special place in my heart.  Each time I go in, I’m guaranteed a unique experience – I never know what will grab me – contemporary fiction, or classics, or kids books, or biographies.

And the lady who works there is really nice, and laughs at Jeff’s and my banter.  You’ve gotta love that.

The combined loot (my bit, anyway):

I’ll let you know how that goes.  (Um, except Mansfield Park.  Pretty sure that one’s a winner 😉  Oh and the A.S. Byatt one – I love her writing.  And the Joyce Carol Oates.  And I *had* to get The Bondswoman’s Narrative – have you heard the scoop on that one?  Amazing.  I’m shutting up now.)

I may go to Left Bank later today, just ’cause I can.  TRY AND STOP ME.


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