Just “the other”

I’ll get on the backlog for my 29-day countdown later tonight (if you care… :-P)  but I thought I’d throw something up here real quick before my day gets crazy busy.

We went to KC last weekend, so we could go to Grandma’s on Saturday and eat at my favorite Thai place and get my hairz did and go to Half-Price Books.

We accomplished 3 of the 4, and I’ll let my mousy-brown roots tell you which one we missed 😉

So here’s some miscellaneous shit:

First of all, a couple of you had asked how Othello’s doing.  Thanks for asking, but he’s been better.  Unfortunately, we don’t think it will be long now.  I’m going to call the oncologist today and ask if we can up his pain meds (right now he’s getting .10ml 2x/day; I think it might help to take that to .15ml 2x/day.)  Since he needs the meds twice a day we can’t just leave him in St. Louis when we go to KC now, so we board him at our regular vet.  The techs there are so nice – there’s one in particular who is just so tickled every time she sees him, and she says “He’s my favorite visitor!  Every time I have a break I just have to go mess with him because he’s so loving!”.

He’s eating less, as expected, but the tech said that on Saturday he ate almost a whole bowl of his usual dry food, and hasn’t touched the wet food.  We also – at a friend’s recommendation – bought some beef and turkey baby food since it’s more smooth and liquid-y than plain cat food.  He nommed a bunch of that last week, but it’s really hit-or-miss.  He likes to keep us guessing.

Here’s the (sort of) new thing, though:  CROSS-SPECIES CUDDLING.

So freaking cute I can’t stand it.

He also likes to snuggle with Jeff in the mornings.  I mean, we’re used to having two cats on our heads all night, but now he likes to be under the covers in the crook of Jeff’s arm.  Like this:

Ugh.  What do you even DO with that?

Answer:  kiss their heads.

Enough sad stuff.  Here’s the one thing I’m excited about:

After three years, our old Eureka vacuum finally bit the dust.  And I found an awesome deal online which made a Dyson DC24 Animal justifiably inexpensive.  So we bought it.

Roxie meets her nemesis:

That thing is freaking AWESOMESAUCE.  In our house full of 5 living beings (three of which are 99.99% covered in fur), I already vacuum a lot – usually twice a week.  I’d generally fill up the Eureka canister once every time.  On Thursday night when the Dyson arrived I just did the main living areas twice, and got a full canister full each time.  It’s insane, in that awesome “OMG I’VE BEEN LIVING IN FILTH AND I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT” sort of way.  This thing freaking rocks – it sucks up even Wozzie’s thick guard hairs and Bug’s downy-soft belly hairs, and lifts the pile on our supercheap rental carpet.

So – like any appliance entering the house – it needs a name.  Hence, Wacky.  Wacky the wacuum.

(Everybody say “Hi, Wacky!”)

I’d show you a fancy picture of me vacuuming, but instead of pearls and heels I was wearing cherry-print jampants and my buttondown work shirt.  CLASS-AY.

Then I made this picture and printed it out and hung it on the fridge, so I wouldn’t forget my new purpose in life:

But that’s not the only exciting thing happening in St. Louis right now!  Check it out:

That’s a giant tent being built lightning-quick, on the quad.  It went from empty field –> completed tent in less than two days.  Was amazing.

And we all know I’m a small child, so I don’t mind telling you that this was OSSIM.  I could’ve watched it all day.

OH!  And then, because I was hangin’ around with the camera anyway, I semi-acted on an idle threat:

Old Georgie would have to stoop down to reach the knitting, but I couldn’t exactly scramble up the statue’s base in my pencil skirt and heels.  Close enough.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Speaking of knitting, when we left for Kansas City on Friday afternoon I’d made this:

That’s the bottom edge of a Pine Forest Baby Blanket, which I’m knitting from DICClassy that I reclaimed from an ill-fated sweater.

Before you get any ideas, YES this may be for a Hypothetical Hoopling.  NO there are no Hooplings (hypothetical or otherwise) forthcoming.  Consider it an item for my “hope chest”, if you will.  (And if by “hope chest” you mean “hope Rubbermaid bin with some cedar rings in the bottom”)

By the time we left KC and were midway to St. Louis, I’d knitted over half of the blanket and had run through a skein of yarn, with only an unwound hank in my project bag.  So I did what any knitter worth her salt would do:  I improvised.

It wasn’t terribly ladylike, sitting there in the car with my legs splayed, but it did the job:


(Nevermind that I should’ve just wound that third skein before leaving St. Louis on Friday…)

OK one last thing and I’ll let you go.  Jeff and I went here on Sunday morning:

Clearly, I was too excited to keep my eyes open.

This may be my new favorite used book store.  It’s a combo used + new(closeout) bookstore, and while I didn’t really look at the closeout books, we found a nice stack of used ones:

They weren’t necessarily the cheapest (most of the paperbacks were ~$6/ea), but what it lacked in bargains it made up for in comprehensiveness.  I found several kids’ paperbacks (there on the bottom) and a couple of nonfiction ones for myself, then Jeff got the five paperbacks at the top.  All for less than $50.  WIN.

OK now, you go and have a good Monday and enjoy this nice cool weather before it gets hot again!  And then come back and leave a comment and tell me what you’ve been up to.  I wanna hear!

6 responses to “Just “the other”

  1. Overcoming Illness With Joy

    I loved your story through photos and comments of your weekend. I saw some sites of St Louis I have somehow missed. It’s great to see that you enjoy your life so much. : )

  2. The Othello story makes me cry. 😦

  3. Scritch the keke on the head for me. softly. and a little kissy.

    What have I done today? Ate 2 egg sandwiches, 2 tums, and a drink of crystal light. Went out and split some of my millions hostas and bagged them up for a sale at work for Relay for Life. I bagged over 25 nice size hostas and am still left with half a million. Then I also bagged some phlox and sedum. Then I cursed mother nature, (not really, just told her I’d like some 70 degree weather please) and wrapped up in a blanket, I’ll make some tea and take a nap.

  4. (thanks for the update on Kitty, I was honestly afraid to ask…)

  5. (Oh, and I got a Dyson for Christmas, and YEAH! WOW! the first time you sweep…..unreal…like empty the full container for each room 2ce!)

  6. This post is too much awesomeness! Othello is so cute 🙂 I love it when kitties cuddle.

    And the picture you drew for your vacuum cleaner had me laughing out loud

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