You think I was kidding?

As I always say, “I may only have one vice, but I make sure to do it right.”

What’s your vice?

6 responses to “You think I was kidding?

  1. GURL I see like TEN cans in there! LOL.

  2. Did you start drinking it for the taste or the desire to cut calories? either way, there has to be a better option.:)
    My mom uses the one vice excuse for her addiction to Sonic ice. Yes, I said addiction. She knows the people at her local Sonic so well that she was invited to one of the car hop’s wedding. I shit you not.
    So, that should make you feel better about your diet coke habit.

  3. I am really obsessed with sunbathing. I have to get home in time to catch the last few rays on the back deck. One day, I gave up on the sun because it was raining and I went to the store……when I got there, the sun came out and I was actually upset. I thought about racing home to catch those rays 🙂

  4. I just don’t see a problem here….you hit the trash can right???

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  6. Mine is Coke Zero. I’ve been trying to stop – even bought a case of Caffeine Free Diet Coke but keep going back to the Zero.

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