The last 5 days are always the longest

In just 5 short days, I will have new yarn to fondle.  Beautiful, wonderful, soft, squishy, vibrant, delicious yarn.

Just mere moments ago, I received the most wonderful tweet ever:

And then I succumbed: two skeins of Dyeabolical SW worsted in “We’re All Mad Here”, a colorway I’ve been coveting since it was released:

Unf.  I just died.  Died of love and happiness.  Are those not going to make the most badass HH pants EVER?  Hot damn I love Dyeabolical (and guess what? The shop is being updated *right now* – including some wonderful Strong Arm Sock in the same colorway.  Get it while it’s cozywarm!)

But it’s not quite over yet.  Because even if the wonderful package arrives before 6/1, I WILL NOT TOUCH IT.  I mean, I’ll bring it in the house and set it on the coffee table and stare at it, but I promise you I will not open it.  This I solemnly swear.

So while I eagerly await that wonderful day, I thought I’d polish off the Diet Coke post trifecta in style.

This was me, at work, on Wednesday.  Double-fisting the good stuff:

(No, I don’t have giant hands.  One of those is just a dinky little 7.5 oz can that they have at work events.  WHY?  I mean, what’s the point of 7.5 oz of Diet Coke? 0 calories in 7.5 oz is still 0 calories in 12.  So, to indicate my protest, I always take like 3.  Fight the power!)

Oh yeah, that’s the goodness.

Because I’m hardcore:

And because I’m not *that* hardcore:


In other news, I love that no one in my office questioned this behavior.  I don’t know if that says more about me, or the people around me…

In other OTHER news, notice those beautiful flowers in my window?

Wednesday was our fourth anniversary, so Jeff surprised me with a delivery from Blooms on the Loop (highly recommended – isn’t that a gorgeous arrangement?).

Is there anything better than getting flowers at work?  Especially when I get to go pick them up from the reception desk, which means that everyone who walked by the reception desk saw the flowers with my name and saw that I am loved (for some reason I *still* haven’t quite figured out).  Especially when that means I get to carry them from reception to my office, and everyone sees me carrying flowers.  Especially when they get to live in my window, so every time someone comes by I get to say “Oh those? They’re from my husband.  It’s our fourth anniversary.” And then I get to feel special.  Just a bit.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go grab a Diet Coke and wait for the next 5 days to pass.

PS>Yes, that’s my work yarn in the background of the flower photo.  It’s always there, just in case a knitting emergency arises.  And it’s somber grey cotton – very utilitarian and work appropriate, yes?

4 responses to “The last 5 days are always the longest

  1. Firstly, love your outfit. Secondly, this post was super awesome 😀

  2. We just have our 4th anniversary also! I originally started “following” you on Wedding Bee 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary. I want to know what the stuff is posted on your cupboard above your head….I can only make out the keep calm and carry yarn…..whats that cartoon?

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