These should probably be Tweets

Jeff:  “Every night on my way home, the bus passes a yarn store.  I saw it and it made me think of you!  We can go when you come here, if you want.”


Me (inside my head):  HE LOVES ME! HE REALLY LOVES ME!  (And wow…he sure must miss me!)




5 hours and 40 minutes until THE YARNZ.  I can’t wait.  I’m actually feeling giddy.




I just started working up the goodness which Abbie dearest sent me from Rhinebeck.  I’m making a tiny little shawl-scarf thingy and it’s going to be wonderful.


No pics of the WIP yet, because:

1)my WIP photos tend to be boring

2)especially when it’s just unblocked lacebarf

3)I was knitting at 10pm, and was covered in cat and dog.  Yes, both.  At the same time.  They’re buds now.


So you’ll just have to trust me.  SUPERCUTE.  And ZOMG soft.  To what can I compare this yarn?  Puppy ears.  Yes.  Soft little delicate newborn puppy ears.  Oh, it is good.




I haven’t seen Jeff in 10 days (well, except for vchat each night, and texting occasionally throughout the day, and evening phone calls).  We’re now tied for the longest amount of time *ever* spent apart (a record which had been intact since summer 2005).  And it’ll be another 14 days before I see him.




I dealt with a bit of unpleasantness at work today, and immediately upon resolving the situation I picked up the phone and made an appointment for a pedicure.  My boss gave me a spa gift card for Christmas, and I’ve been saving it for just such an occasion.  I think my last pedicure was ca 2003, so they’re obviously a *very* special indulgence.  I’m psyched.  And a bit anxious, not gonna lie.




I’m wearing a maxi skirt today.  That may be my “thing” for the summer.  They’re just so pretty! and comfy!


This makes me miss Jen, and writing for Two Closets.  A bunch.




Can anyone recommend fun and offbeat places to do/see in DC?  Besides the usual museums &c…we’ve got that covered 😉




Five hours, 22 minutes.  ::sigh::


5 responses to “These should probably be Tweets

  1. Pretty toes are AWESOME – you will be pleased.
    Probably not as pleased as you are to have yarn back…. but pedicures easily become as addicting.

  2. Puppy ear yarn?! Lucky.

  3. Why did you and Jen stop doing 2closets? I miss it too !

  4. This is most definitely going to come across much less NICE than I intend it to. I’m really just curious…

    What’s the point of a yarn diet if you just make up for the year of not buying yarn when it’s over?

  5. This post makes me very happy. I actually just re-started a shawl in that selfsame yarn in white. =D

    As for DC… I have yet to get to the Newseum but it’s been on my list for a long time. I adore the Smithsonian Native American Museum, and I think it’s absolutely worth an afternoon. It’s the newest one, and it really has to be seen. I can’t describe it other than to say I learned more about the native populations of the US in one morning there than I did in all of my formal education. The cafeteria is also a hell of a lot of fun.

    The Library of Congress is really spectacular and I highly recommend popping in to wave at the ceiling.

    The Wok and Roll restaurant over by Chinatown is former Seurat boardinghouse where Lincoln’s assassins did their plotting. I ate a big plateful of california rolls there that were all the more delicious for silly name and historical significance.

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