I rolled into Knitorious just after 5:00 yesterday afternoon.  And I didn’t leave for nearly the three hours.


The yarn diet is officially, 100%, beyond a shadow of a doubt, DEAD.




I’ll do a proper post later showcasing everything from *all* my combined adventures, but for now just let me say:  it was wondrous.  Truly, there’s no better feeling on earth than an armful of yarn.  (Well, maybe an armful of your beloved child, or an armful of money to use to buy yarn.  Or if you wanna be depressing, an armful of food if you had none.  But you know what I mean.  Yarn is nice.)


In a truly astounding double-whammy, I even stuck around for knit night!  For the first time in (no kidding) about two years.  I’m so reclusive it’s not even funny, and even though I’ve been keeping up with everyone on Twitter and Ravelry and blogs, and in run-ins at the shop or various festivals/events, it had been ages since I’d actually attended knit night.


No, I don’t know what the hell’s wrong with me.


NOW!  The most exciting part of today!


This evening, Deborah and I are going to The Loopy Ewe.  Because we’re in St. Louis, and it’s in St. Louis (for now), and it’s ridiculous that neither of us have been.  And on the first Thursday of each month, they’re open to the drooling public from 10am-8pm.  I’m seriously stoked.  SERIOUSLY.  STOKED.


This is why I was able to display some modicum of restraint in my Etsy spree and in Knitorious.  Because I needed to save a few pennies for TLE.


And wanna know the best part? The most absolutely best part of all?  You can watch my and Deborah’s yarngasm.  Right on The Loopy Ewe’s webcam.


Tune in at 6:00pm CST to see me.  I’ll try and remember to wave in the camera’s general direction, but if I don’t manage that then just look for the red-headed blur scampering wildly throughout the store.


You know you wanna 😉


3 responses to “IT IS DONE

  1. Die, yarn diet, die!!! Yay for all the new acquisitions.

  2. Woo hoo!!! Enjoy the romp!

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