Epic adventure on a Thursday night

When we last left our heroine, she had just purchased a buttload of yarn at Knitorious.  The next day, after much anticipation and another full day’s work as a mild-mannered Coordinator at a prominent midwestern university, she set out on a journey.

Our heroine traveled west, slowly and laboriously among the commuters, with the deafening hum of cicadas buzzing in the background.  Her little green Mazda idled amid a highway traffic jam for interminable minutes before finally depositing her outside a nondescript office building which contained THE LOOPY EWE.


Little did she know, her fresh-faced optimism would soon be her downfall.

At this point our heroine met up with Conspirator #1 and Conspirator #2, and together the three stepped into the abyss.

Behold, the abyss:

Its labyrinthine halls held the most glorious earthly delights ever known to Knitterkind.

Around each corner, another glorious discovery.

Wool and silk as far as the eye can see.  Alpaca tucked in every nook, and angora stealthily hidden alongside the softest merino.

As usual, mere photos cannot convey the extent of the riches that the three conspirators beheld.

Soon, our heroine was overcome.

She was giddy with yarn fumes.  Wollmeise…String Theory…Madelinetosh…Sanguine Gryphon…Fleece Artist…Three Irish Girls…  It was all too much.

With great mental fortitude and an awe-inspiring degree of restraint, our trio emerged victorious.  The only harm was to their credit cards.  And truly, is this not a minor sacrifice in the face of all the treasures obtained?

It is the best that they could hope for.  And they all lived to tell the tale.

Hours after starting our journey, our heroine at last returned to her castle.  After feeding and watering the livestock and tending to other such castle-y maintenance duties, she sat down to study her plunder.

But first I decided to switch to the first person voice.

(And here’s where I’ll probably lose you if you’re not a knitter-with-a-capital-K).

From TLE, Wollmeise!

My first ever, and oh, it is gorgeous.  I totally get it now.

This colorway is “Grapes for Sheri”, and I’m so madly in love with it!  I love that I was able to walk right into TLE and pluck it off the shelf, too.    I can’t wait to knit this puppy up.

Here’s my lovely Fiberphile sock, in “Faded Blooms”:

This one really didn’t photograph well (though, you’ve gotta give me some credit – I took these at about 7:45pm, chasing the last of the daylight).  It’s so deep, and beautifully tonal.  This needs to be, like, the most intricate socks ever.

Ugh.  I may actually be dying, here.

Fleece Artist Merino 2/6.  You can’t go wrong with two flavors of blue and a millionty flavors of brown.  You just can’t.

Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in “Mimosa”:

Deborah grabbed this and more-or-less threw it on me, and I couldn’t let it go.  Deborah is a wise woman.

Oh, and some basic navy Cascade Heritage Sock just so I could say “Jeffffff!!!!  I looovee youuuu!!!  I got yarn to make things for youuuuuu!  Don’t be mad that I just spent all our money on squishy things!”

(I was planning to get two skeins of this to make myself some stripey kneesocks, but when my first attempt at a subtotal was over $170, they were quickly culled out.  Along with some other gorgeousness.  I will be back, gorgeousness.  I will be back…)

I rounded out my purchase with these allegedly “slightly imperfect” sock blockers:  a bargain at only $8, and I’ll be darned if I can’t find anything wrong with them:

My FO photos are about to get all professional-like, just you wait and see.

So that’s the TLE loot.  Now, guess what was waiting for me when I returned to my castle?


I don’t know why I’m always surprised when I get something by Rachel and it turns out to be even more beautiful than I’d imagined.  It’s not that I have low expectations; it’s just that this stuff ALWAYS exceeds them.  And now she’s outdone herself, yet again.

These will be the most perfect Hoopling longies that have ever existed.  Mark my words.

Now:  Knitorious!  My home.  If Jeff ever kicks me to the curb with all my yarn, I’ll just set up a tent outside Knitorious.  All I need is a cot and a hotplate (for tea, of course).  And yarn.  And I’ll be happy.

I found some Mmmmmmmmalabrigo.  I love Rios.  I think it may be my favorite Mal, actually…  It’s so much fun to knit with, nice and dense and soft, but not quite as pill-y as the single ply.

That’s earmarked to be soakers, yo.

Louet Gems fingering weight.  This has yet to reveal its purpose to me, but you know I can’t leave deep midnight blue-y purple behind.

Plymouth Homestead.  I haven’t used this before, but I’m optimistic.  If nothing else, it’s an exceptional value – this set me back less than $6.

It’ll be a fun ‘speriment.  Rav says it softens up in washing, and may play better at 4.25 or 4.5 spi than at the 4 spi the ballband dictates.  I’m thinkin’ another soaker.

Ella Rae Lace Merino.  This reminds me of a mermaid, so I bought it.  I’m indulging my inner 7-year-old.  (I do that a lot, you know.)

Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine.  I’ve vague thoughts of turning this into a shrug or something for a female HH.  Maybe.  This may just need to percolate in the stash for a bit.

Finally, Cascade 220 Superwash Sport, in a beautiful lettuce green:

I sort of want to turn this into squishy house socks for myself, but am not married to the idea.  This’ll percolate for a while too, methinks.

Group photo, everyone!

Oh yes.

Is anybody still with me?  Thank you.  Thank you so much.  And to reward you for your attentiveness, I’ll show you something seekrit.

This is what I did:

Oh yarn! I missed you so much! I haven’t seen you in *years*!

(Macbeth is unimpressed)

You know that Jeff is out of town and won’t be home for another six weeks.  I don’t mind telling you that his side of the bed has seemed really empty since he’s left.  Too empty.  I had to find a replacement.  One I loved almost as much as him.

Nighty night!  I’m off to dream of streams of String Theory and mountains of Malabrigo.

Thank you for coming on my adventure.

And THAT’S how you end a yarn diet.

PS>I haz a yarn!

Finally, I’m starting to feel like my old self.


PPS>It turns out that the TLE webcam shuts off at 4:00 each afternoon.  I tried to wave at you! I even asked Sheri!  But alas, it could not be done.  I’m sorry to disappoint.

14 responses to “Epic adventure on a Thursday night

  1. wow wow wow
    had to stop myself from trying to touch the gorgeousness through the monitor!!!

  2. And that is how it is done. Well played. Well played.

  3. Thanks for popping in last night – it was fun to have you three here and I love what you bought. (Did you dream about the Lepidoptra, though??) 🙂

  4. No mention of anything for me, but I know you like to surprise me. I’ll wait.

  5. oh. yarn envy!

    I can’t buy anymore yarn until I’ve knit up what I have! And I’m working on a sweater.

    Switching to hats next, I swear. I’m really bad at sweater knitting, to make it that much worse.

  6. This is my favorite blog post ever.

  7. …also, I have been regretting not going with you to TLE all day long.

  8. Envy, envy, envy. That is a CRAZY AWESOME yarn store. And a very good haul, too – well done.

  9. Ella Rae Mermaidy deliciousness… oh god I have no words.


  10. You might owe me a new keyboard for drool damages. I wish my yarn diet would end like this!

  11. THat yarn diet thing you did, might have some merit. zFor one, going thru it with you, heighten my sesnses about yarn!

    Glad you had a wonderful time. and you are not the only one that “sleeps ” with her yarn!!

    Fondly in Fiber,

    The Erudite Knitter

  12. Oh! We are coming to STL the first weekend in August and have BIG PLANS to visit The Loopy Ewe before they move… I knew it was big, but OH MY! Lovvved the tour and getting to see your loot!

  13. EEEK and OMGz teh yarnz. I can’t even get out full sentences. That stash is ah-mazing!!! You sure did it right 🙂

  14. Just catching up with your posts. I love your blog and this one is one of my favourites, you are soooo right, that IS how to end a yarn diet 🙂

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