Witness-less escapades

One challenge I’m quickly realizing is how to deal with Jeff-less weekends.  Last weekend was my first one alone, but I didn’t really mind too much – I was so wound up from the Big Event and other work-y changes that I welcomed a three-day break to do nothing but knit and plow through the Netflix queue.


It also won’t be an issue for many upcoming weekends – I’ve got assorted friends coming into town, travel plans of my own, and other goal/deadline-oriented tasks to keep me busy.


But this weekend?  This one’s really messing with me.  By all accounts, today should be a “normal” Saturday:  Jeff and I would run some errands, do a little light housework, and catch a movie or spend the night in.  But now I’m faced with the prospect of doing this all without my other half (Other Half, BTW, is having his own relaxing day in his tiny sublet apartment in DC.  He’s earned it!).  So, like I always do when left alone, I’m finding ways to fill the time.  Maybe not the most productive ways, but ways.


In just a minute here I’ll throw on some yoga pants (which means that yes, right now I am blogging sans pants. SINCE YOU ASKED.) and take Roxie on a nice long walk, then I’ll hit up Craft-o-Matic.  After that, a pedicure and a long-needed grocery run.  Then home to my Netflix and knitting.  Which I guess isn’t a bad way to spend a Saturday alone, is it?


I’ll never be one of those people who can find joy in solitude.  Jeff and I both agree that our favorite way to be alone is be alone together, reading books at Starbucks or just zoning out with laptops on the couch. But I’m trying to appreciate the opportunities that this summer affords:  like blogging pants-less, indulging in a grande frappuccino, and trying on every damned shirt in Target if I wanna.


And don’t forget the knitting.  Oh, the knitting!


Do you enjoy spending time alone?  What’s  your favorite way to fill the hours?


2 responses to “Witness-less escapades

  1. Living alone, what you described is *every* weekend for me and I’ve learned to love it! As a friend told me, one of the *only* perks of being in a long distance relationship means I can maintain my lifestyle the way it was, while working on a relationship. A lot of times for me this means an early morning bike ride, then netflix and icecream in my underwear. Guilty pleasures, oy!

  2. “Jeff and I both agree that our favorite way to be alone is be alone together, reading books at Starbucks or just zoning out with laptops on the couch.”

    that’s also how the hubby and I like to be “alone.” Which is funny to me b/c we’ve always enjoyed solitude but marriage changes a person.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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