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Jeff and I are going to Great Britain at the end of July/beginning of August.  This will be the first trip abroad for both of us, and we’re super psyched.


So, question for you:  Where do we go?  We love history, and museums, and castles.  I’m sure we’ll spend at least some time in London, but beyond that we really don’t have anything sored out.


We’ll be there for probably about 10 days.  Should we try to see Scotland at all, or just remain in the south? (oh, and Ireland will probably be its own trip at some point in the future)  Any castles/ruins that we can’t miss?  Should we rent a car or get around by train?  Anything that’s really overrated, or any hidden gems?


Essentially, what would you recommend for a pair of history-obsessed übernerds?


I’d love any info/tips you could throw our way!

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  1. Old Sarum (wikipedia entry here: is AWESOME. I went there as a consolation prize because Stonehenge was closed, but it turned out to be super fun. You can climb all over the old ruins, unlike some sites where you just have to stare respectfully from a distance.

  2. My suggestion is Stonehenge and Bath. Both are amazing. Stonehenge is eerie and amazing.

    Bath is really cool. Spend a day there.

  3. Edinburgh and Glasgow are an easy train ride from London. I would highly recommend Edinburgh and the environs: the Castle, the underground city, the Royal Mile — I went in 2000 and I adored every last second. I can’t wait to go back.

  4. My girlfriend from way back, & I mean waaaaaay back, went a couple of years ago with her sons. I can hook you up with her email address if you’re interested. xo!!
    **tad jealous here, remember I’m the girl who talked to Sassy with my British Accent and got called on it!! Sara thought I was trying to be Sean Connery, ……duh, he’s a boy!

  5. Ask Peggy. She spent two weeks there last year. One thing I know is that she felt like she didn’t spend enough time in Wales.

  6. For London: the Natural History Museum (if you are interested in science) is awesome. If you like to try traditional English afternoon tea there is the Orangery at Kensington palace. Yarn stores: Loop in Islington is well worth a visit, has gorgeous British yarns and is also supposed to stock Quince and Co. now.

    The rest: if you have the time, go to Scotland. It’s lovely to go from London up the east coast through Durham and Newcastle to Edinburgh. I lived in Edinburgh for 6 months and can give you some more tips if you decide to go. Glasgow is ok, but you could actually skip that for a trip to the Highlands and maybe even to Skye. The Western Isles are the most beautiful place I’ve been to.

    For getting around: in England I think you’re fine by public transport, in Scotland (especially the Highlands and Islands) it’s better to have a car.

  7. Remember, MyGuide/Britain. Have a blast.

  8. Well…. Do you know Knitorious Vicki? She JUST returned from that very same vacation and has wonderful photos and stories.. that might help.

    I haven’t been to Europe for 8 years so my info might be out dated. But – Highly recommend the Red Bus tour as the 1st think you do in London… ride it all the way around, and then decide what you want to see more of.

  9. Stonehenge, Avebury, The National Portrait Gallery, The British Library, The Bronte Parsonage in Haworth, York, Edinburgh, The Lake District, Cornwall, in no particular order.

    Let me know when you are ready for Ireland…

  10. York is wonderful and if you want to drink proper cask ales, that’s the place to be as most of the pubs there serve proper hand-pulled ales. Yum yum. We live about 50 miles from York and usually have a stay-over a couple of times a year for that purpose alone, I blogged about our last visit here . Oh and of course there is all the history and the fabulous original city walls that you can walk around.

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