SO worth it

Even though it hurt like hell, it really was.

On Saturday afternoon, the always-awesome Nate drove ink-filled needles repeatedly into various bits of my delicate, bony foot.

I was really good for the first hour or so:  sure, it hurt.  It hurt a lot (more than any of my other tattoos).  But I had my knitting, and I knew that hollering and writhing wouldn’t win me any awards, so it wasn’t too hard to sit quietly.

In fact, I knitted the toe of a Fall Sock:

(it really says something about Nate that he wasn’t phased by me knitting.  Somehow I suspect he won’t be phased when I come in for a knitting tattoo, either.)

And then I kitchenered it closed (kitchenering while being tattooed – does that count as extreme knitting?):

And then I cast on for another sock, and did all the ribbing.  And I divided for the cabled sections.  Right when I started knitting the leg, the pain started to get unbearble.

I am ashamed to admit, but at the very end of the process I’d cast my knitting aside, choosing instead to grip the arm of the chair, and Stefanie’s hand, and mutter “fuck.  dammit.  fuck.  holy shit.” under my breath, until Nate finished.

It was so worth it, y’all.

SO worth it.  This is by far my most favorite tattoo!  Nate had sketched the blueberry cluster in advance, but waited until I was in the chair to draw the stem, leaves, and blossoms.  It took about 20 minutes to draw, then just under two hours for the actual tattooing.  Isn’t it wonderful and gorgeous?

It was totally worth it.  I’d do it again, in a heartbeat.  Really.

Now…what should I get next?  😀

But I wasn’t the only one to get tattooed on Saturday!  Stef – aka “she of the benevolent hand-holding” – got the outline done for her crazyawesomehuge back piece right before I got my foot done:

(Color will come later this summer.)

Is that not fucking incredible?  I’m tellin’ you guys:  Nate.  Allstar Tattoo.  He won’t steer you wrong.

After getting tattooed, we headed back to my house to eat cinnamon rolls and give Roxie the chance to run around.  Then we headed to Kampai for the perfect post-tattoo meal (umm…pretty sure Kampai is the perfect post- or pre- anything meal):


Then we went to see Super 8 at the Moolah, where I leaned back with my swollen foot propped on the seat in front of me, and Stef leaned forward on her elbows.  And we – and our fresh tattoos – were happy.

How’s that for a perfect Saturday?


7 responses to “SO worth it

  1. I WANT ANOTHER TATTOO SO BAD…now you make me want one even worse! So pretty on your foot – he did great work and the pain was worth it.

  2. I love it and I wish I had the guts for a back piece like that! So pretty! I also find it funny that you were knitting socks while getting ink on your foot. I want to have the tattoo on my foot added to, but it hurts so bad that its going to take a lot of convincing!

  3. OMG, both tattoos are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love yours. What a beautiful idea and even more incredible execution. Your artist is a mighty talented fella!

  4. Beautiful! I would vote “yes” on your having executed some extreme knitting!

  5. Your tats are all awesome! I am dying for another one after seeing your pics. I love your friends tree too….I’ve been debating getting a tree on my foot and I think I have to do it!

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