Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

In all my years of blogging, I’ve held true to one tenet above all others:  to never be one of those bloggers who posts cutesy pigeon-toed foot pictures all the time.*


…once doesn’t count as “all the time”, does it?


Because last night at 11:00 as I had my before-bed snack of fresh blueberries – out of my favorite new stoneware bowl – I just couldn’t resist:


Please don’t hate me.


The swelling is almost all gone now.  I’ve been healing this the same as all my others – a thin coating of A&D for the first two days, then switching to unscented Aveeno and washing gently with water 2-3x a day until it’s healed.  Usually by now I’m starting to peel just a bit, and that hasn’t started yet.  It is itching like heck, though, so I don’t think peeling is far away.  Probably just as well that I’m hiding it under my Converse All-Stars for now 😉


Oh, and I finished a shawl!

That’s the Feather Duster Shawl, made of the A Touch of Twist “Little Breeze” that Abbie sent me from Rhinebeck last fall.  Such a delicious little yarn, and the perfect shawlette for overzealous a/c!


And socks!

This is the toe I was knitting and kitchenering while being tattooed on Saturday.  Yarn is Dyeabolical Strong Arm, and pattern is Fall Socks (I really don’t get why there are so few projects on Rav – the stitch pattern is so nice, and works up very quickly).


(Notice how I’ve got the sock blockers going, all professional-like?  Can I play with the big girl knitbloggers now?)


And now I’m off for a few days of Jeff-hugging, yarn shopping and museum-going in DC.  Woohoo!



*I never even noticed this phenomenon ’till Jessica pointed it out.  Thanks, Jess.


4 responses to “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

  1. LOL, I’m dying that you called me out at the end because as soon as I saw the first paragraph I was like, Boy, do I EVER hate when people post those darn pigeon toe photos! LOLOL.

  2. I’ll forgive the toes just this once. ONCE and only because you had a good reason. Also? Nice socks! I’m stealing the picture and putting it in my own blog, ok? Oh kay!

  3. Oh that shawl came out absolutely beautiful. I just sat and stared at the picture for a good five minutes. I am so impressed that I hereby to personal shop for you whenever you want. =D

    Also, that tattoo is gawgous, lady.

    Have fun in DC!

  4. lol, is your next tatoo going to be a blueberry juice drop on your chin????

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