DC Saga: Sunday

Sunday was (!!!) another runaround day:  we wanted to go to a couple yarn shops (correction – I wanted to go to a couple yarn shops) and we decided to explore Takoma Park a bit.

We started out at Zorba’s in Dupont Circle, where I had the second-best chicken gyro of my life:

(This is why I can’t completely eliminate chicken from my diet right now.  I still avoid it generally, but figure the occasional bit won’t hurt anything)

And the fourth-best baklava:

(Which is no mean feat; I’ve had a lot of baklava in my day)

Then we headed to the yarn shop in Dupont Circle.  This is the one that Jeff walks by *every day* on his way home from work, and for which he surprised me with a Groupon: $30 for $15.

Even among my own kind, I didn’t want to be the weirdo bustin’ out a Nikon, so I didn’t take any pictures inside.  But this shop was great – the inventory was so well-curated, with a lot of yarns that I’ve not seen before.  And it was so cozy, too! I can’t wait to go back.

Here’s what I found there:

That’s a merino/silk blend from Kangaroo Dyer, with lovely mermaid-y tones that really aren’t conveyed here at all.  The yarn is much less dusky than it appears in this photo, and the silk gives it a great sheen.  The dyer is based out of Massachusetts, and her stuff is only carried in two shops – perfect souvenir yarn! 🙂

After that we took the train up to Wheaton, and visited The Yarn Spot in Wheaton, MD.  It was really cute as well, with a really friendly group of people knitting there when Jeff and I walked in.  Their stock was pretty typical, with a nice range of basics.  I indulged in some Classic Silk in a colorway I hadn’t seen before:

This may become a rustic little scarf/wrap or something, or maybe a loose shrug.

Next we took the red line back down to Takoma Park, where we sort of wandered the downtown area a bit, and explored a couple adjacent neighborhoods.  It was such a cute area – everything was very cozy and lived-in, but never shabby.

(Digression #3:  Jeff and I figured out the perfect way to measure a neighborhood’s desirability, by our standards.  We call it the “Prius Quotient”:  how many Prius cars there are in each neighborhood.  We wouldn’t live somewhere with an average of .05 Prii per household, for example.  And .82 might be too high.  But .4 or .5?  HECK YES)

The Prius Quotient of Takoma Park was about .7.  If you make it a “Prius and/or Volvo Quotient”, it’s about .98.

From there, Jeff took me to see something so fantastical – so incredible –  I was sure it was but a myth.

Behold, the Target with a shopping cart escalator:


Here Jeff demonstrates its use:

Consider this Irma impressed.

After that, we went back to Jeff’s apartment, watched IT Crowd, ate reduced fat Oreos, and fell asleep by 10pm.  (Notice a trend?)

4 responses to “DC Saga: Sunday

  1. dooood 2 story target???? yes please.

  2. The Kangaroo Dyer is absolutely magical! I’m lucky enough to be friendly with her and she is so talented! That skein is gorgeous 🙂

  3. Y’know, we have a shopping cart escalator at the Hampton Target, but it’s only to get your cart back down to the garage after you’re done shopping. A 2-story Target? That is something else. 🙂

  4. I am screaming about the cart escalator!!

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