DC Saga: Monday and Tuesday and then I went home

Jeff was back to work on Monday, so I took the day to wander around Georgetown.

I didn’t eat here, but will next time:

(“Good story, Kate!”)

I walked past Georgetown Cupcake:

And took a moment to laugh at these idiots:

(Digression #4:  Jeff told me that someone brought these to his office one day a couple weeks ago.  He didn’t know the shop was famous, and he wasn’t impressed.  His exact words were, “They were sorta dry, but the frosting was good.  I like yours better.”  I AM THE FREAKING BAKING QUEEN, Y’ALL.  My cupcakes are better than this stupid shop’s.  Why don’t I have a freaking TV show, huh?  I’d call it “Better than Georgetown Cupcakes.  Suck it, bitches.”)

I loved the residential parts of Georgetown – cobblestone sidewalks and all:

But M St. left me a bit underwhelmed – I kept wondering about what boutique was kicked out so that Zara or Benetton could move in, y’know?

That said, I must admit to buying a cute little top at Anthro.  But it was on sale!!!

OH!  So there’s this weird mall, right in the middle of Georgetown.  It was like something out of the Twilight Zone:  all dead and abandoned, like it was frozen in time:

(See the cute little Anthro off to the right there?  I wonder if that building’s really old, or pseudo-old.)

Inside of creepy mall:

See?  Just weird.  It was only like 30% occupied, and there were almost no people walking around.  I looked on Wikipedia, and it was only done in 1981.  Not, like, 1922 or whatever it’s supposed to look like.  Plus, why would you go shop indoors when you’re in an area with lots of streetside retail?  Just a dumb idea all-around.

This historic site, on the other hand, was really cool:

Built in 1765, it’s now across the street from a Starbucks.  And it’s a bona-fide historic site/museum.  So cool.

I want to live here.

I always love the cheesy info that goes with old-timey fiber arts displays:

It’s so all the Irmas can say, “Look kids!  This is how they had to make clothes, before you could buy them at the Wal Marts!”

Look indeed, kids.  Look indeed.

The child’s bedroom was my favorite:

I love rooms under the eaves.  So cozy and snug.

And look at this cute little hideaway, off a side street:

Isn’t that wonderful?  Behind that gate are three little houses.  One of them will become mine.  And I will live there and never leave.

I got bored with Georgetown after a few hours, and walked back to Dupont Circle and to the Starbucks that had rather become my “home base”.  There I killed time knitting and people-watching until it was time to meet Jeff for dinner.

Oh!  Guess who I saw?

So on Monday night we got back to Jeff’s apartment and I said “JEFF!  Guess who I saw walking down the sidewalk outside Starbucks this afternoon?” and he said “who” and I said “ANDREW SULLIVAN….’s doppleganger.”  At which point Jeff informed me that no, in all likelihood I really saw Andrew Sullivan, because he lives in Dupont Circle.  AWESOME.

(It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t realize it was Andrew Sullivan at the time, because I’d have surely come up with a really great way to embarrass myself.)

So anyway.  I walked down to K St. where Jeff’s office is, and met him outside, and we took the train to Alexandria (actually to Courthouse/Clarendon) and ate Thai food and wandered around.

And OMG YOU GUYS.  I didn’t take any pictures *here* either because I didn’t want to be a crazy creeper lady (Theme #2 of this gargantuan blog post), but I LOVED that area.  The most perfect neighborhood in the world exists just a 3-minute walk from the train to DC, shops, restaurants, and Whole Foods.  It has a Prius Quotient of about .43, and all the houses are tidy little Arts & Crafts or American Foursquare, with cracked and well-used sidewalks and nary a cul-de-sac in sight.  I’m in love. This may be my new goal in life.  Oh and the hydrangeas!  Hydrangeas *everywhere*!!!  And everyone had dogs, and clotheslines, and… it was seriously like something out of a dream.  Like Pleasantville, if Pleasantville were 4 blocks away from a gay bar and a high-rise.   Love.  Seriously.

After that, we went home, watched IT Crowd, and… oh you know the drill by now.

On Tuesday I was starting to feel a bit tired (and my feet were about to spontaneously remove themselves from my legs), so I just lazed about in the morning then spent the afternoon reading and knitting at two different Starbucks in Dupont Circle (gotta keep things interesting, you know).  I met Jeff after work, and we headed to Capitol Hill to have a light dinner at Cosi then check out the Supreme Court building, the various Library of Congress buildings, and the Capitol building.  Suppose it would’ve been smart to save this for one of the weekend days, because of course by 7:30pm everything was closed.  And I forgot to bring my big camera.  So we just wandered around and looked at ducks, and you’ll have to trust me that we were there.

After that we went back to his apartment, then changed into our party clothes and went to a bunch of clubs, where we picked up some hookers and blow and I missed my flight back to St. Louis because I was passed out in a ditch.

…just checking to make sure you’re paying attention.  (Really, we watched IT Crowd, ate reduced-fat Oreos, and were asleep by 10pm.  As per routine.)

One last question:  In DC, why on earth do they call them “Speed Humps”?  Seriously.  Were none of the planners ever teenage boys?

And finally (I really mean it this time):  how do you convey a bunch of new yarn home, in an already-overstuffed suitcase?

Just like that.

I was really sad to leave DC, but had an amazing time while I was there.  It was fantastic getting to see Jeff – will make these last couple weeks go buy that much more quickly!  I also enjoyed getting to toe the line between tourist and…not.  I can’t wait to go back! 🙂



4 responses to “DC Saga: Monday and Tuesday and then I went home

  1. They are ‘speed humps’ here, too. I may be 25, but I giggle EVERY time.
    I currently live in a room where we’re under eaves, much like that child’s room. It’s quaint and cozy for oh….about 15 mins, and then it’s just a pain in the ass. >.> Heh.
    So, are you guys moving to D.C.?

  2. If that’s where you put your yarn WHERE did you fit your socks and undies? Cause that’s what always gets packed in MY shoes. 😛

    My favorite bedroom ever was an attic room like that. In my dream-only sewing room it is just like that.

  3. So…. I’ve been reading (how could I not??? So missed your posts on Xanga!!!) and realized I have never left you one piece of love here… So I will apologize for being so rude 🙂

    Glad you had an awesome time in DC… how much longer until Jeff is home with you?? And that Target?? LOVE IT!!! I so want a double decker Tarjey with a cart escalator!!!!

    Lots of love!!
    ambs_LS from xanga 🙂

  4. We have speed humps and speed bumps here. Humps seem to be wider… like 2-3 feet wide vs only 1 foot of a bump. I get excited to go over the humps though 🙂

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