Squeezy squeezy

As I mentioned yesterday, I did have some more finished – and then-unphotographed – spinning output.  Here’s all my completed (wheel) handspun together:


It’s living on my kitchen table right now, where I can pet it every time I walk by.


(I’m finding a lot of excuses to walk by)


This superwash BFL is by *far* my favorite, to date:


Check out the before/after:

(Photo stolen from Dyeabolical Yarns)


Isn’t that AMAZING?  I love the transformation!



I could do this all day.



I’m a bit frustrated now, though.  Last night I sat down to spin, after making dinner and baking cookies for work. I was working on the pink and purple merino, trying to spin something a bit finer (hoping to end up with a two-ply fingering weight), and it just wasn’t going well – the ply kept breaking.  I realize now that I think I need to adjust the scotch tension – I think the bobbin was taking in the ply before it got enough twist in it.  I also think that I may need to just give up and spin this fiber a bit fatter (end up with something about like the above, maybe), since I was planning to use the resultant yarn to make a jumper/dress for a female HH anyway.  I have 8 oz, which should be more than enough, if I do it right.


So now I need to decide – do I just trash the 6-10g that I’ve already spun (finely and probably poorly), or do I just try and rectify from this point forward?


I’m bringing the wheel to knit night tonight; hopefully they’ll help me decide there.


The good thing about a spinning wheel is that you can’t really fling it; you can only walk away.  And when it’s a borrowed wheel, you just carefully move it to the second bedroom – away from the cat and dog, behind closed doors – and forget about it for a while.  Then you knit, and read Fark ’till 11pm.


If you’re me, that is.


I love spinning – don’t get me wrong – but now I’m at the point in the learning curve where I have a general idea of what I’m supposed to be doing, but haven’t yet put in the time to instinctively feel and understand everything.  My academic knowledge is more developed than my practical skill, and it’s frustrating waiting (working) for the skill to emerge.


That happens to everybody, right? I know it happened to me with knitting.  And playing violin.  Furniture restoration.  Baking.  Blogging.


I’ll get there 🙂


4 responses to “Squeezy squeezy

  1. Seems safer to spin than my current activity of playing Lego Harry Potter.. the controller has gotten close to being thrown many a time. Not cause of my shitty skills but because the game has lousy control.

  2. I need to get a wheel. I haven’t spun in months, because spindle spinning takes so long, and is too distracting to do while watching movies.

  3. Love the darker blue! It’s for me, isn’t it?!

  4. I want to eat that blue yarn. and then have it’s babbies. seriously, it is freaking amazing! your spinning is going very well. 🙂

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