I now suck 1.5% less than I did on Tuesday

I keep telling myself: “I will not spin all evening. I will not spin all evening.  I will not spin all evening.”

So then you know what I do, right?

Spin all evening, of course.


Though last night was an exception – it was knit night, and Kim brought her Matchless wheel, and she helped me fix all the myriad problems I was having with some ill-behaved merino.


The merino in question:

Pretty, right? Well as it turns out, it was also a bit compacted.  And I was using an inappropriate-sized whorl (only whorl I knew existed).  And I had the ply inappropriately threaded through the flyer’s hooks.  And I was underspinning. And I didn’t know how to properly test for that.


Kim fixed it all.


(I’m pretty sure she’s magic)


Now look!

That little beauty is well on its way to becoming a 3-ply fingering weight yarn.  It helps that it’s not breaking every few yards now.


What will I DO with 8 oz of 3-ply fingering weight yarn (assuming I ever finish spinning it all)?  I dunno.  Maybe a dress for a female HH.  Maybe knee socks for yours truly.  (knee socks of my own handspun – can you imagine?!)  Or maybe it will just become my precious pet.  I haven’t decided yet.


All I know is that I’m rollin’ now at a 10:1 ratio, and I’m making an impossibly thin ply, and I’m LOVING it.


But tonight – I swear – I’m gonna knit.  At least for a bit.


(I have a really cute story to tell y’all later, BTW.  Once I’ve finished the corresponding knitted item)


PS>Kim also gave me an artyarn batt, and last night I dreamed about spinning it.  And in my dream, I actually knew what I was doing.  HA!

2 responses to “I now suck 1.5% less than I did on Tuesday

  1. I am insanely jealous. I so want to learn. Your yarn is looking awesome!

  2. Your yarn looks every bit as good as mine does now, and I’ve been spinning about 3 years on a wheel. Congratulations, and welcome to the “dark side”!

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