Yesterday: drugs. Today: sex (not really). Tomorrow: rock ‘n roll.

I don’t think anything can top the awesome feedback I received from yesterday’s post.

(Thank you, all, so much, for the RT’s and Rav postings and Facebook sharings and whatever else you did to pass that around.  Seeing my little post appear in so many places has really warmed the shriveled black cockles of my heart!)

So today, instead of comparing fabric types to hard liquors or something, how about a brief photo series of my cat’s bedtime grooming routines?

(One time, when I was in fifth grade, a sixth grader told me that her older brother broke his neck trying to do this same thing!  I totally believe it.)

(caught in the act?)


These are just begging for a caption…but what should it be?

Leave a comment with your caption(s), and I’ll send off a little prize to whoever’s submission makes me giggle the most!

9 responses to “Yesterday: drugs. Today: sex (not really). Tomorrow: rock ‘n roll.

  1. I have no captions, but aren’t orange kitties the best?

  2. Picture one: “I know they are here somewhere”
    Picture two: “what is this neuter you speak of”
    picture three: “oh man, no wonder I don’t mind just laying around all day”

    He is an adorable kitty!

  3. #1: What is that smell?
    #2: OMG
    #3 iz ded

  4. #1: This hurts my neck. I wish this stuff was a little closer to my face.
    #2: Hmm? What? Nothing.
    #3: A job well done.

  5. mmm.
    *gasp* “Who’s there!?!?!”
    oh. just the dog.

  6. MAMA said this would make me blind but she was so wrong!!!

  7. Purple Knickers

    1. Witout mai glazez, ai haz to get soo cloze to thins to seez dem.
    2. Looks liek mai long disztans vishuns iz ok.
    3. Wen mai aiz cloz, it are all black.

  8. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
    Nothing… (said much too innocently)

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