The soft, squishy truth

I have a confession to make.

As you may have surmised from Tuesday’s post, I do have a bit of…familiarity…with various illicit substances.

But you also know that I’m weak.  I can’t try something once and move on.  I jump in, and often as not I find myself in over my head.  I’ve ended up in dangerous situations because of my little problem.

It’s all worth it, though.  Nothing compares to the warm embrace of my favorite drug.

I’m just a mule.  A middleman.  I don’t measure or mix the magic powder; I don’t bring the glory to life.  But I’ll push it.  Oh yes, I’ll push it.

Life on the street isn’t easy.  I hang out in dark alleys, trying not to attract attention.

You really have to know what you’re looking for, to spot what I’m really about.  I’m not just loitering; I’m here for a purpose.

There’s a quick nod, then a subtle flash of the goods.

Once I know you’re cool – once I know you won’t narc on me – then I’m open for business.

Yarn, anyone?  I’ve got the good stuff right here, fresh from the dyepot.  It’ll make ya feel right.



Edit:  Rachel has just let me know that you can save 25% off a purchase in her Etsy shop by entering coupon code “SURPRISE” at checkout.  Good through 7/16 (that’s tomorrow!) only!


Just to make it explicitly clear, Dyeabolical and I aren’t in cahoots.  I know I’ve pimped her stuff on here many times before, but that’s just because I’m one of her biggest fans.  She’s a local dyer, and a friend, and I’m madly in love with that Strong Arm sock yarn.  But I don’t get paid to promote it on my blog; our relationship is friendly and strictly unprofessional. ;-D

(It helps that Rachel doesn’t even blink when I ask, “Can I come to your house and borrow some of your inventory for a while, for a blog post?”  And then later I stand on her porch nibbling on basil leaves* for half an hour.)

PS>Thank you to Kara for pinning yarn into my trench coat and then photographing the whole thing.  And thank you to Ann, for letting me pretend that the back of your garage is a dark alley where yarn is dealt, rather than a gorgeous city street.  And to my beloved Jeff, for unknowingly letting me borrow your fedora.  Y’all take “humoring Kate” to the next level.

*No, really.  Delicious pesto basil.  I think I’m going to make a basil cake.  I’ll let you know how it goes, m’kay?

3 responses to “The soft, squishy truth

  1. Rebecca in SoCal

    Toss a basil leaf over here, K? How about peach-basil sangria for these steamy summer days?

  2. hahaha! That was hilarious!

  3. Any time. What a hoot. And we pushers gott hang together, ya know?

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