Before I run away

I have some loose ends to tie up, before hopping on a trans-Atlantic flight TO LONDON, MUTHAFUCKAS! this afternoon.


So strap in and hold on (or strap on and hold in, if that’s your thing. But I really don’t wanna know.  Seriously.  Don’t tell me.)


1)  My mom won the awesome caption contest from holyshitwasitreallytwoweeksago?

Mom can speak LOL like no one else.  It’s a talent.

However, I’m not going to give her a prize, because I’m already knitting her a crazy Fiddlesticks shawl, and to add anything on top of that would just be ridiculous.  There’s YO’s and dec’s every fucking row, so it’s like I might as well be knitting two shawls.  Anyone who’s getting two shawls doesn’t need another present.

Honorable mentions go to Rachel and Monica, though.  Forsooth, I chuckled.  Maybe even chortled (or cackled).


2)  Wozzie was so ‘cited when Jeff came home!  She turned herself inside out. It was cute.  Wigglebutt!


3)  I just managed to fit two full grown peoples’ worth of stuff for an 8-day trip into one carry-on suitcase and one small checked bag (1″ too tall to carry-on).  With room to spare for souvenirs.  I’m a freakin’ packing ninja.


4)  (I don’t think I’ve told this story before)  So when I went to DC to visit Jeff, Morgan and her 5-year-old son watched Macbeth.  Since Macbeth is terrified of strangers – especially kids – he was hiding under our bed.  Morgan and Jaxon went into the bedroom to make eye contact with Macbeth and make sure he was OK, when Jaxon spotted my neatly-folded stacks of handknit socks.  He said, “Mom! I think Kate owns a sock store!”




So I knitted him a pair for his very own:

Because if that awesome comment isn’t worth handknits, then what is?


(socks for a 5-year old: basic cuff-down sock pattern over 48 stitches, knitted for a 7.5″ long foot.  Took less than 50g of some random old kid-friendly yarn in my stash)


5)  A few weeks ago, I asked Rachel if she would custom-dye some sock yarn for me, for the trip.  She asked me a lot of very important questions about my affinity for various BBC shows past and present, English royalty, and intended knitting pattern.  And then she dyed this:

!!!  (That’s me being speechless)


I got to help name it, so it’s called “Crumpets and Crazycakes”.  I think right now it’s a one-off color, but now that the hank is a cake and sitting in my checked bag, I’m already missing having it sitting in my stash.  I may require more, in the future.  For science.


6)  Last night, against my better judgement, Kara lured me to Knit Night with these:

That’s a butterbeer cupcake, and it’s the most delicious thing in the entire world.  Ever.  No, really.  EVER.  You’ve gotta try it.  (She even brought one to take home to Jeff!  He took one bite and said, “Please. Get. This. Recipe!”)


7)  I’m trying to decide if I should load up on caffeine today, or abstain completely.  At 6:00pm we leave O’Hare, and when we land it will be 8:00am in England.  Theoretically I’m supposed to sleep in-between.


8)  I made a single-ply artyarn! It is beautiful, but I haven’t taken pictures yet.  Suspense.


9)  Love you! Miss you! Be good while I’m gone!  (Here’s $20 for pizza, and absolutely no parties.*  Do you understand me?)




*Especially ones involving strap-ons.


8 responses to “Before I run away

  1. Have a great trip!! PS, I will need to hire you next time I travel anywhere. When we went to Jamaica for 10 days, I brought one LARGE full sized suitcase and one medium sized suitcase, as well as a backpack and my giant purse for carry on. Just for myself.

  2. Are you really a packing ninja or did you just forget to pack any of Jeff’s clothes? Have fun on your trip!

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tonight, I was gonna send you the BIG email of what I’ve been up to, (I am fine, thanks for asking)(and very busy like always, big sale coming up) anyway, I’ll still send it, and you can read it when you’re home, I love you and have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Honorable mention. Sweet. I made Kate giggle a little. Have a great trip! I look forward to blogs when you return. Be safe!

  5. Have a great trip (seeing how much fun you had in DC, I can only assume that London will be fantastic!) – please say hi to Kate & Wills for all of us, visit all the local yarn shops, lots of pubs and just explore and enjoy!!

    ps: I’m ready to take your crash course on smart packing at any time…

  6. Two words: Tylenol PM. (For the flight.) You WILL sleep.

  7. Purple Knickers

    You thinks ai not gettings speshul priez. Czeched yur departmnets sinse mai vizet?

  8. Have an awesomefantasticfuckingwonderful time in London. Can’t wait to see the pictures (and let’s face it, the yarn 🙂 when you get back.

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