Sock-y goodness

So remember how I mentioned that pretty yarn Rachel dyed for me, to take to England?  And how I was going to knit them while I was there, and they’d be my most favorite souvenir?


While I know that the actual vacation posts are still forthcoming, I figure it won’t hurt to ruin the (completely unsurprising) ending.  Behold: the finished socks!

I’ve been doing this new thing lately where I procrastinate on choosing a sock pattern until the last possible second (I did it on the ones I’m knitting now, too, which you can’t see yet ’cause they’re for a Christmas gift).  I’ll choose and wind my yarn, and knit the ribbed cuff, and then knit a plain setup row, and then go “Durr…Kate make big pretty socks nao!” and then just start throwing YO’s and dec’s and knits and purls around all willy-nilly until I come up with something that looks nice.


So there you have it: something that looks nice.


In this case, I was inspired by the weird zig-zag road markings on London’s streets, so I did 7 repeats of “round 1: yo, ssk, k6; round 2: k all st” only, y’know, bumping the YO and dec over one stitch each time.  Then I did 7 repeats of the same thing, only k2tog, yo instead.  I love how it looks with the “Crumpets and Crazycakes” yarn.  Just love it.  LOVE IT.


These also served as a constant reminder of “hey dude! You’re in England! Put down the fucking sock!”  Except, as you can see above, I never did actually put down the fucking sock.  Until I had knitted it, and its partner, and finished them on the plane on the way home.


These socks give me a happy.


But that’s not all.  A couple months ago I found the Minerva’s Tower pattern on Ravelry, and decided it would couple *perfectly* with some Madelinetosh Sock in “Cosmos” that was living in my stash (I’d bought it at A Good Yarn when we were in Sarasota in March).  I don’t like *doing* cables, but am exceedingly fond of the *look* of cables, and I found the pattern to be entirely too charming for its own good, so I cast on.

They rode around in my purse for a while, and I worked on them at odd times – riding in the car, on my lunch break, y’know.  Whatever. I’d been hoping to wear them to the HP7.2 premiere, but alas it wasn’t meant to be – I was still on the first sock by that point.



So they came to England, and they got to be in a photo or two (you’ll have to wait and see… 😀), and then they got to come home from England, and then they go to go to Kansas City for a family gathering this past weekend, and then somehow they got finished, and they were admired.


I love them.


See the owls?

So perfect.


This is a pairing of pattern + yarn that only comes along but rarely, and is that much more delicious for it.  These are the kind of socks I want to hang on the wall and say “hey guys? THIS is why I knit.”  But that’s not my MO, you know.  So instead I’ll just fold them and put them in the cedar chest and count down the days ’till it’s sock weather again.


And then I’ll wear a London sock on my left foot and a Minerva sock on my right foot, and no one will know ’cause I’ll have on boots overtop.




4 responses to “Sock-y goodness

  1. I am totally in awe of your ability to make Crumpets and Crazycakes in to a perfectly respectable non-crazy pair of socks. Totally downloading Minerva’s socks right now, too.

  2. i am sockless.

  3. Kate – glad to see that someone else visits all the local yarn shops when travelling! I spent a week in Sarasota earlier this summer & loved A Good Yarn (and spent a fortune – had to ship stuff home!) – your socks are just beautiful.


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