I hate it when Dad’s right

When Ryan and I were little and would complain about something being “not fair”, my dad would always respond, “LIFE is not fair.”


Right now, life is definitely not fair.


We were in Kansas City last weekend for the annual family gathering on my dad’s side, and when we came home I went to do Macbeth’s litterbox (because, y’know, I’m the nicest kittymommy ever).  In there, I discovered lots of pee.  Way more pee than there should’ve been.  We also discovered that he hadn’t eaten as much food as normal, even though his behavior and energy level was fine.


So on Tuesday we took him to the vet, where they looked him over and did bloodwork and figured out that my baby is apparently in kidney failure.


They kept him for two nights in kitty ICU, on an IV drip and force-feeding.  On Thursday they tested his blood again and found that the levels which should go down *are* down, and the levels which should go up *are* up.


So that’s promising.


Last night we got to take him home, along with a $20 4-lb bag of special low-protein cat food, a bag of saline solution and instructions on how to continue subcutaneous fluid treatments.  Oh, and some Pepsid AC.  We have to continue the daily treatments and keep a close eye on his eating, and then take him back in a week to figure out if it was acute (a one-time thing) or chronic (congenital).  We’ve got our fingers crossed that it was acute, but aren’t terribly optimistic.


Aside from being horribly offended and rather traumatized, he’s acting fine.  He’s eaten a fair amount of his old dry food, some tuna, and a bit of wet food (he won’t touch the low-protein kidney food yet), so at least we’re not worried yet about liver failure (cats can have liver failure *very* rapidly when they refuse to eat).


We’ve been wracking our brains trying to figure out what he could’ve gotten into that might indicate an acute instance, to no avail: we only have one houseplant and it’s some bamboo up on a high windowsill.  I don’t clean using any harsh chemicals, and we don’t have any pills sitting around.  The only things we could think of (and this was a stretch) is that maybe a bug got in which he ate, or maybe he was licking our shoes (which isn’t terribly far-fetched, actually.  The little twerp is a big fan of eating shoelaces.) after one of us had walked in pesticide or antifreeze.


So now it’s just a waiting game. After next week’s re-check we’ll be able to learn the extent of the damage, and what kind of treatment options (if any) or timeline (if any) that we’re looking at.


After losing Allie in February, then Othello in May, I’m really not ready to lose another kitteh.  REALLY not.



Life’s not fair.



5 responses to “I hate it when Dad’s right

  1. I’m so sorry. I know what it’s like to lose a pet. You guys hang in there. Sending some positive energy your way.

  2. Macbeth, you better get better RIGHT NOW.

  3. Aww. I hope Macbeth starts feeling better 😦

  4. Poor kitty, I hope he’ll be better soon and gives his momma a break from pet-worrying. Sending you lots of good thoughts!

  5. My old lady cat wouldn’t touch the Hill Science low-protein food, so I got her the Purina brand low-protein food – she snarfs it right up. Just in case your fluff ball is fussy. Fingers crossed for you!

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