Puts my little type-A mind at rest

I was in OMGSUPERPRODUCTIVE mode this weekend.  Well, part of the weekend.  Um, OK – part of one day of the weekend.


FINE.  I’m not gonna lie – on Saturday I mostly just sat on my ass and knitted interminable 1×1.


Jeff is playing a new video game (Deus Ex, if you care), which means that even though we reside in the same physical plane, he is for all practical purposes completely absent right now.  You see, he’s in New Video Game mode, during which he stays awake until 3am playing and drinking Coke Zero with a cat on his lap.  Since I’m physically incapable of sleeping in and wake up at 6:30 even on the weekends, that means that we operate on nearly opposite schedules.  By the time he rolls out of bed at 11 or noon, I’ve already got a half day’s work (or knitting) under my belt.


So while he slept on Sunday morning, I cleaned and organized and finished up myriad little projects around the house (in the process, of course, I uncovered several more that I’d forgotten about completely.  Which will occupy me next weekend :-D).


It was that perfect kind of busy-ness which is completely without stress or hurry, but just fun, gratifying productivity.


Y’know, the kind of busy-ness that leads to my handknit socks being clean all at once – for the first time in recorded history – which, in turn, leads to a beautifully organized handknit-sock tray in the cedar chest:

I’ve knitted myself 26 pairs of socks since I started in early 2008, if you were wondering.  And I’ve done a further 20-ish pairs for others. (By this time next year, I’ll have likely upset that balance and sent out more pairs than I’ve kept for myself).


That gorgeous cedar chest was a gift from my grandparents: each of us 5 grandkids got to choose one “big” item from their house.  I’ve loved the cedar chest as long as I can remember, and was so glad to get it.  After Dad brought it to me in his little black Mazda last summer (leading Mom to call it the “midget hearse”), all I had to do was sand the interior a bit and refresh it with a couple coats of cedar oil, and it was good as new!


While I was at it, I sorted out my sweaters, and sent a nice big box of acrylic-blend turtlenecks (aka Old Navy circa 2001) to Goodwill, along with our old gross $20 Wal-Mart comforter and a couple other odds-and-ends that surfaced in my organizing frenzy.  And then I decided the windowsills were looking a bit dingy, so I scrubbed those.  And cleaned the kitchen.  And finished entering all our book collection into GoodReader.  And reorganized the linen closet.  And aired and fluffed and squeezed my yarn.


And then I made dinner and spent the rest of the evening knitting and purling and watching The Office with Jeff (who did, reluctantly, surrender the TV for an hour or two).


If that doesn’t make for a gratifying and productive day, then I don’t know what does.


How was your weekend?

2 responses to “Puts my little type-A mind at rest

  1. How does one organize a sock drawer? Mine is easy. One drawer for white and one for black. Yours? Sorted by size? By season? By pattern? By color?

  2. “And aired and fluffed and squeezed my yarn.” please, please I can seriously see you squeezing it and almost hear the yarn squealing a little squeal with the love.
    And dad=you didn’t ask, but I always buy gold toe men’s black socks and don’t sort them, I just stack them on top of each other without folding and line them up in the drawer and grab the ones in front and the fresh washed ones go in the back. I rotate food too.

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