I haven’t forgotten…

Tonight I’m going to start weeding through those 1,500 vacation photos, and will actually begin the blog-post-writing process.  It’s tough, because I really want to do the trip justice, but I also need to do it *soon* before I forget the little details that made it all so special.


One thing I won’t soon forget, though, is how wonderful English tea was.  Before going, I’d never gotten in the habit of putting milk or sugar in my tea.  The seeds of addiction were planted during the trip, though, and now…


Just a splash of milk and a little bit of sugar makes tea a millionty times more delicious than before (why didn’t anyone tell me this??? I know I’m the last person on earth to figure it out).


I love it.


(Remember that cute teapot? While I’m at it, I think I may try to hunt down a cute vintage teacup and saucer… would that whole setup look too weird on my desk here at work?  Perhaps a silver tray to tie it all together.  And a doily.  Always need a doily.)




3 responses to “I haven’t forgotten…

  1. Amen sister – English tea is the only way to go! 😀

    (Says the 12-cups-a-day tea addict…)

  2. We’re tea freaks at my house. I ordered a box of tea from Richie’s daughter’s school fundraising catalog. Have you been to the London Tea Room downtown? I’ve been twice, both times for their afternoon tea. Pricey, but so worth it! You don’t have to do the afternoon tea. You can just pop in for lunch or whatever. But trust me, you want to do the afternoon tea at least once. See if you can stop at once. I dare you.

  3. Always have my tea that way, and I’ve never even been to London..

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