Can’t blog.

Too busy.  Knitting.


I am attempting to complete an entire size 6.5 knee sock* before noon on Saturday.  And just to make it interesting, on Friday night Jeff and I are going to go to one of the Cards’ last home games this season.


Yes, I’ve warned him I’ll be knitting the whole time. (And on the train there, and on the train home.)


I have carefully scheduled, as follows:


Thursday, 7:00am-7:50am: Shower; breakfast

Thursday, 7:50am-8:10am: KNIT

Thursday, 8:10am-5:15pm: Go to work; work; come home

Thursday, 5:30-10:30: KNIT

Thursday, 10:30-Friday, 6:30: Sleep

Friday, 6:30-7:30: Shower; breakfast

Friday, 7:30-8:10am: KNIT

Friday, 8:10am-5:15pm: Go to work; work; come home

Friday, 5:15pm-6:00pm: KNIT

Friday, 6:00pm-10:30pm: Go to Cardinals game; watch game; come home (KNIT)

Friday, 10:30pm-12:00am: KNIT

Saturday, 7:00am-11:59am: KNIT

Saturday, 12:00 noon:  Strange Folk!


Think I can make it?  Way I figure, that’s nearly 13 hours of knitting time.  Which sounds like a lot, but not really.  ::gulp::


*Except for the initial 24 rounds of ribbing. I finished that last night.


4 responses to “Can’t blog.

  1. And I thought my knitting/crocheting schedule was on over load. Nothing compared to yours!
    I’ve taken on about 2 too many custom orders right now! 2 knit projects and 2 crocheted projects (however one of them is FIVE Christmas stockings)
    I have to take a break occasionally, to let my hands rest…………and to hit the kitchen, since I can’t convince the household to give up eating!
    Good luck with your schedule………

  2. I have had weekends like this! Good luck!

  3. I have personally knit through at least 2 Cardinals games. It’s totally do-able. Have fun and see you at Strange Folk!

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